The Proposal Photos

22 November 2010

Here are the photos from during the proposal! I'm so lucky to have him in my life and I look forward to our future together. For more than five years he's been the rock in my life through loss of family members, the stress of college, and investigating careers. He's encouraged me every day. My reason to smile today? We're engaged!


Dawn said...

I am kinda teary right now...makes me think of "our" proposal 19 years ago....Time flies. Cherish every moment!
Wishing you a wonderful life together and every happiness!

bethany said... sweet! I think anytime a proposal can be captured on film (okay, film sounds dreamier...its really digital, I guess), it makes fur such a special keepsake. :)

Love your dress, too!!

Kay said...

How cool!

Kimbirdy said...

ah!!! congratulations!!! i'm so happy for you! for some reason the links i had to your blog weren't working for me {they kept directing me to "blog not found"}. finally today i broke through and lo and behold, you're engaged {stupid technology, making me miss out on the excitement}. i'm so excited to see such happy news. yay!

Erin said...

Look at that smile! I love it!

When my husband proposed to me, we were taking a timer photo of ourselves. Suddenly he dropped to one knee and pulled out the ring. I love that we captured it on film! (it was that long ago that it really was on film! we waited several days to see if the photo turned out, and it had! I'm so glad...)

Congratulations again!

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