Temporary Gleek

07 November 2010

I am by no means a "Gleek". I've seen one episode of Glee ever and while it was cute (Kurt, a gay boy in high school, came out to his father) I never ended up watching another one.  This week that will change.

I've mentioned A Very Potter Musical on here before and maybe how I've been semi-obsessed with it. Well, Darren Criss plays Harry Potter, sings some features, and actually wrote many of the songs in the Musical and the Sequel.  I'm not a crazy fan girl about Darren by any means. I think he has a nice voice but not my favorite in the world, but the reason I'm happy with this Glee episode is because Darren is getting a starring role in it.

It's great that people like Darren (and the rest of the cast from AVPM) can move up in the world from "no one" to famous because of their own talents and abilities. One of the great aspects of our connected world today is the ability for your own hardwork to get you somewhere high.

Hope you enjoy the video (Darren is the main singer in the clip!).

Happy Sundays! Did you enjoy your extra hour of sleep?

1 comment:

Kimbirdy said...

i have no idea who darren criss is! :) i guess i'll have to do some googling.

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