This is My Tuesday: Happiness

16 November 2010

At Red Boots it's time for another installment of This is My Tuesday and the theme for this week is happiness. This week I'm actually sticking to the one picture idea.

I chose this picture for happiness because band has meant a lot of things to me since I joined in sixth grade and although I don't currently play in any bands I wouldn't trade those memories for anything. It was because of band that I gained confidence in myself. I was terrified of solos (and I still am) but it made my fear of public speaking go away. After playing solos on an instrument in front of people using my voice was no longer scary.

Plus I made nearly all of my friends in high school through band. We spent all of our time together so you sort of ended up finding some friends whether you wanted to or not. Of course, I always do so that worked out well. Weekends were spent at football games or at festivals with these same people and I smiled and laughed a lot.

The best part of all though was meeting Noah. I know he's a common theme on here but he really does make me incredibly happy. Since he's a year behind me in school I doubt I ever would have met him (or at the very least would have noticed him) the way I did by being in band with him.  Heck, if we weren't placed so close on the field my sophomore year maybe I wouldn't have met him either!

Band provided a lot of opportunities for me and I'm still grateful four years later. I think I will be the rest of my life - it's what made me happy.


Dawn said...

It's so neat when we can look back and realize a turning point, a milestone of sorts, that turned us around the right way!
Good to hear your story:))

Kimbirdy said...

aw, how sweet! i was in band when i was young, playing the trumpet. i loved that i was the only girl trumpeter with all those boys! :)

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