10 December 2010

Circle K offered caroling this week and I went along with a few other girls to sing at a retirement home nearby. Every year in my hometown my family caroled with a church group to shut ins and nursing homes so I jumped on board to do this.

It is a very rewarding experience. Many of the people you sing to smile and sing along or thank you for coming, wish you a merry christmas, or tell you that you are a wonderful singer (even when you noticeably are not - like me).  Let me tell you, our group will never attempt to sing The First Noel again but we're pretty awesome at Hark the Harold Angels Sing & Jingle Bell Rock.

Of course, there were a few hard times, there was a group of elderly women who didn't want to be sung to. It was nothing personal, I'm pretty sure they were just really into their Uno game. There were also a few people asleep in the rooms we sang in.... Still, we were smiling a lot, singing terribly & loudly, and it was a pretty good time all around.

Have you ever been caroling? Do you have a favorite Christmas song?  A common request is always Silent Night. My personal favorite it O Holy Night.

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bethany said...

Oh, I love caroling! It's been a long, long time. But I still love it. :)

We used to do the same--trips to nursing homes and such. Most were so very thankful and sweet. I loved to chat with the ladies about their Christmases heartwarming. :) you...there were also some awkward moments, my favorite being when an elderly woman thought every song we were singing was The Star Spangled Banner--and she sang along with EVERY song. :)

Good times. :)

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