Christmas Time is Here

06 December 2010

I'm beginning to get distracted by thoughts of sugar plums dancing in my head. Oh right that's another twenty days away. Right now my thoughts are scrambled with presentations, projects, units, and tests.

Two presentations were completed this morning with two more to go tomorrow. Today will be over-the-top busy....just like yesterday (over eight hours in libraries yesterday - say what?!). Fortunately most of my Crazy (with a capital C) for this week is over by Wednesday evening. Then Finals week happens.

Luckily winter break is right around the corner! I want to decorate so badly but lack the funds to do it. I do have a little Christmas tree as you can see in the picture above adorned with lights, candy canes, and ornaments. It adds a nice bit of cheer to the apartment for the season.

I need Christmas music playing, cookies baking, and gifts to be wrapping right about now. Just a few weeks and I'm starting to feel it.

Have a wonderful Monday & hope you can keep happy holiday thoughts in your head at the start of this week!


AbbieBabble said...

Happy Advent! Last night I popped a bunch of popcorn, and tonight my roommates and I are going to string it up- a great way to decorate for almost no money! (I REALLY don't like spending money on seasonal decorations.)

Kimbirdy said...

oh hang in there! it's stressful now, but it will all be over soon. then... christmas!!

Dawn said...

Crazy time of year...makes you wish you could change Christmas to another month.
Then again....I think the crazy just follows special seasons around!
Happy week....keep looking for those little reasons to smile:)))))))))

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