09 December 2010

I've found myself fantasizing a lot recently.... Whether it's about painting the apartment, decorating like crazy for Christmas, or throwing books at my professors and screaming "no more!!!", I'm finding myself periodically slipping away from reality to get lost somewhere else.

Know what this reminds me of and makes me fantasize about now? Books. Lots of books. Books that make you step out of your own world and into another, where you feel like you are right there with the character experiences all the same tastes, smells, and sights as them.

Help me keep my fantasies alive won't you? What are some good books you've read lately?


Anonymous said...

The Invisible Bridge.

bethany said...

Oh my goodness, girl, I am right there with you. I'm always in some fantasy land...and I think there's a direct correlation with the amount of homework and stress I have looming in my life at the time! :)

I wish I could recommend a good book to you, but I haven't had time to crack a non-college book in the past four months. However, Christmas break awaits, and I'll keep myself tuned here to see what gets recommended! :)

P.S. I hear tossing textbooks at instructors is generally frowned upon. Although, I'd love to hear how it goes for you if that fantasy becomes reality! ;)

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