Let the Good Times Roll

18 December 2010

I am already loving having the time off from academics. It's so much more relieving than a standard Friday. I've been lucky. Last night I played Cranium with my sister and her boyfriend, and today I returned my books to the store (and got, for the first time ever, a decent amount back), went out to dinner with friends, played Hearts, and watched Elf. Yeah, I'm pretty pumped that it's break.  I'm a little bit down that I missed my church's caroling tonight which makes me even more glad that I could go with CKI last week!

Oh, this morning Noah took me out for a little breakfast downtown which was over-the-top pleasant & cute before heading to walmart where I got to put some money in the salvation army bucket. Do you do that at christmas time? I love to go up to bellringers and put money in. Some years I really want to collect money to donate to a cause (like animal shelters or cancer). Have you ever done this?

These are my reasons to smile today! What are yours?


Miss Michael said...

I haven't ever collected money for donations but the past couple years I've been fortunate enough to make small donations of my own at the end of the year. I'm planning on donating to Best Friends Animal Sanctuary this year, along with a few other places. I can never decide so I just give small amounts to multiple places.

Kimbirdy said...

how fun!! even though i'm not in school nor working {what am i doing with my life?!}, :) it does feel a lot more like christmas this week. friends are off from work and traveling here, plus the weather is cold and rainy. it just all feels right, you know? i love it.

hooray for your break from school!! i hope you are having an awesome monday with all your time off!

Erin said...

My boys and I always put money in the bucket, no matter how much we've got. They love to wave at the bell-ringer and say Merry Christmas!

Happy Holidays, Alli.

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