Let it Snow

14 December 2010

We've had some snow here although fortunately it didn't stick on the pavement or sidewalks for too long.  It's pretty while it falls though. Only about 24 hours left for my finals which is fantastic. One of the best parts about college is that once you've worked for a long time (going crazy!) you get to take a month off right in the middle of it.

Hope you're having a wonderful time and are staying warmer than were are in Virginia!


Kimbirdy said...

SNOW!!! how fun! it does look pretty. i always get jealous of all of you who get snow this time of year, even if it doesn't stick. and you're almost done with finals - yay!! hang in there dear!

Dawn said...

Oh I like that shot. Snow flakes there look HUGE:))
Christmas Holidays are almost here....yippee:)
(If you need more snow for a snowman- I can send you some;)

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