16 December 2010

Well, beyond the fact that I feel worried about not going in to do research I'm doing pretty well. I finished my last final yesterday at 3pm and it feels good to know that I've got a few weeks respite before getting back to the grinding block.

First off, I want to say that my roommates are awesome all the time but I especially appreciated them this finals week. I've heard several stories from partners on projects, friends, and my sister about their roommates beginning to drive them crazy. I think it's a girl thing. We get stressed about all of this work and everyone tries to be overly polite and then people begin to get a little....well, we'll say unpleasant.  My guys have been awesome though and if anything I'd say they help me relax.

Now that my finals are over I'm ready to take a break and kick back. I want to find a good book to read, go downtown and visit restaurants, and volunteer at the SPCA. The only problem is we're snowed in! That's right. The reason I'm not going in today to do work is because the roads are white. I've seen people driving on them but my sister called and said she saw people skidding on the roads. Not worth it!

Well, hopefully the next week or two will become easier with checking up on blogs, commenting, and posting. I will try and get back on the horse and catch up with you all! Hope you're staying warm and cozy!

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