So It Doesn't Look Like Much...

07 December 2010

but it's SNOW and I'm happy. This was actually taken Sunday morning after a few light flurries on Saturday. You can see where the sun is that it melted rather quickly.

I went Christmas shopping today and I only have two people left to shop for! I love shopping for gifts. I was having a fun time. Plus I bought coordinating wrapping.

Recently I've been procrastinating on my work (some of it's due at 11:30pm tonight)..... I just bought nachos for a snack. I've been craving them for an hour and after talking with my roommate for half an hour about possible futures for human/transhuman life I decided I would cave, get the chips, type a quick post, then do homework.

Do you love postponing everyday life for Christmas fever like I do? I'm caroling at a retirement home on Thursday night and possibly ringing bells for the salvation army charity at a local supermarket. I'm ready for lots of holiday cheer. Can you tell?

Take some time to relax & grab a mug of tea (or you know, the less cute route of nachos & cheese) and sit back and watch your favorite show.

If you have a spare 2:05 listen to this wonderful rendition of Baby It's Cold Outside.

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Kimbirdy said...

SNOW! :) i remember those days of getting a wee dusting, and all schools/work were canceled. my family and i moved to TN from WI, and we were always so bewildered by people in the south going crazy over the "snow." but now that i'm in southern california, i would take whatever i could get! enjoy it!

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