Wish List

04 December 2010

My current wish list?
  • Time with the fiancé
  • Money galore to eat out.
  • Vanishing homework... you mean I have to complete all of it??
  • Cute gift wrap so my present will look super cute.
  • Two additional hours in each and every day for a nap.
Yeah, that sounds about right.  There's one more week of classes before exams coming up that everyone here needs to power through. This means posting will be sporadic.  ... and has been sporadic. 

I'm starting to crave pizza & mexcian food like nothing else and I wouldn't say no to a fancy drink either.

It sounds like a great way to relive stress. I think try to eat all my problems away sometimes.... :) 

What are ways you manage stress?

So I don't forget, here are my reasons to smile as well (tell me yours too!):
-I'm fortunate enough to be at a school I love
-My sixth graders have been awesome this semester!
-A three week breather is right around the corner
-My Macbook Pro is saving my butt
-Possible free engagement photos

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