Day in Photos: Williamsburg

31 May 2010

Last weekend was my birthday weekend (shared with my twin sister) and our dad took us to Williamsburg for Friday and Saturday.  My hard drive has officially run out of space so I keep forgetting to upload photos from my camera to the blog!  So here they are, a little late, but wonderful.

We ate at a tavern modeled around Colonial Williamsburg.  Neither of the above drinks was alcoholic although they looked amazing!

There were markets on the streets selling items such as quills, bonnets, and scrolls.

There were several beautiful gardens and picturesque walkways.

The King's Arms is the name of the tavern we ate our lunch at.  I was called an Old Maid!

We were interested in exploring and just beyond this wall was a graveyard adjacent to a church built in the 1700s.

We stayed at the Great Wolf Lodge which was awesome!  I just wish I could have come here as a kid as well! I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys water parks!

The bucket above pours over every couple of minutes and kids (and... us) would stand under it to have gallons of water pour over our heads.

This is me in the stocks at Colonial Williamsburg.  Don't worry, I'm safe now!

This is the Williamsburg Winery which we visited the morning of my 21st.  This is also where I discovered I do not enjoy wines!  Haha.

This is a generic picture of Colonial Williamsburg.  Beautiful tress and homes lining the streets.

I'll keep updating about the birthday weekend and recent happenings!  Hope you enjoyed your memorial day weekend!


27 May 2010

Sorry for being absent over the past week!  I'll be doing multiple posts to catch up but the reason I've fallen behind if because my 21st birthday was this past weekend!

I'll give an overview of the weekend (as well as Monday & Tuesday) although I may devote a separate post to each.

I worked long days last week so that I could take off Thursday at noon to see Noah before the weekend.  On Friday morning my dad, sister, and I headed to Williamsburg, VA for our birthday gift.  We stayed at the Great Wolf Lodge which reminded me of Yellowstone National Park.  It's decorated wonderfully but best of all is that it has an indoor water park.  I love waterparks so that was a real treat for me!  I even went down this scary funnel ride where you raft goes nearly vertical!

We also went to Colonial Williamsburg and explored that afternoon and ate in an old-fashioned tavern.  The waiter "harassed" me and called me an old maid!  Hah.  If you're over 18 and not married then in "those times" you were considered an old maid.

On Saturday morning we went to a winery.  I wonder if they get many 21 year olds coming in.  Oh! Final conclusion of the day? Wine is disgusting.  At least, it is to me.  I'm glad I'll be able to cook with it but I don't think I'll be ordering it with dinner any time soon.

When we got back in town my sister and I picked up stuff for strawberry daiquiris and pina coladas.  We met some of our friends for a get-together for our birthday.  It was fun (for the most part...small aggravation that I'll tell you about in that post).

Sunday I was with Noah for most of the day and we saw my family, my second family, and watched the LOST finale.  Was anyone else disappointed with it?  I was really hoping they would resolve some points in the plot....

Monday I was fortunate after work to have my best friend come and stay with me.  He'll be living in the apartment with me next semester and I'm very excited.  I have such a great time with him when we're together and it was great to catch up just the two of us.

Then on Tuesday night Noah came to stay with me! Can we say "spoiled"?!  I was very lucky this past week indeed.

Hope your week has been going well!  Say hi!

Frid--- What?! It's only Wednesday?!

19 May 2010

This week has been moving incredibly slowly.  I absolutely cannot wait for this weekend.  My dad is taking my sister and me to the Great Wolf Lodge in Williamsburg for our 21st and I'm pretty excited! Then on Saturday I'll get to see my friends for a small birthday party while on Sunday I'll hopefully be able to see some family and friends (not to mention finally discover what happens at the end of LOST)!

This week has been filled with a tad too much negativity for my liking.  I keep making mistakes (whether on the job or with daily life) and I'm ready to do things the right way.  On the bright side, I am learning from each of those mistakes.

Still, it'll be nice to just sit back, relax, and enjoy time with the boyfriend.  I'm hoping to take off at noon tomorrow and head for my hometown so that I can get some time in before my overnight trip.

Has this week felt particularly long to anyone else?  Also, for curiosity's sake, what's your favorite hotel/resort/etc. that you've stayed in? I think mine may be the Old Faithful Lodge in Yellowstone.  Good times. Hope your week feels more than halfway over!

Long Days and Pleasant Nights

17 May 2010

That's a phrase my friend would always say to me when we first began talking with one another.  You can't ask for much more can you?

Well, today was certainly long!  I've decided to add an hour of work each day so that I can be done work on Thursday at noon.  Friday has been a planned "vacation" day because Saturday is my birthday (yes, 21st). Although, I talked to my father on the phone this afternoon and we're talking about taking an overnight trip on Friday night which would be a lot of fun.  I still want to spend time with Noah so I'm trying to get in a lot of work now so that I can see him for longer hours.

Yesterday, Noah's family took us (along with his brother and his girlfriend) to Kings Dominion for the day.  It's definitely nice to have a change of pace but I wish I could have spent all day at the water rides.  I unfortunately do not enjoy roller coasters as much as everyone else.  I did some though which were fun (such as a long wooden one which jilted me around a ton).  Plus, I was fortunate enough to have two free meals.  I truly appreciate his family taking care of me as if I were their daughter, it has made a world of difference.

Do you have a second family?  Or another person who takes care of you whole-heartedly?

Sweetheart & Sweet Summer

15 May 2010

It's our first weekend of summer break and Noah came down for the weekend to keep me company for the weekend.  He picked me up yesterday evening as soon as he got here and took me out to dinner.  It was the first time I felt full in a while.  Thank goodness he takes such good care of me!

Tomorrow we're going to an amusement park and I'm pretty excited.  Although, I don't know if I want to bring my camera along all day long (it's really heavy to just carry around) so I may not have photos.  I know, I'm sort of freaking out.

Still, it's turning out to be a great weekend for it.  Work has been taking up all my time over the past week and I'm excited to have these days together before we're off in different towns again.  I am ready for Senior year!

What I Love

12 May 2010

I've been quite happy over the last couple of days.  Most of it is because I've been busy (and I love to be busy) although part of it is having the exact right amount of time for everything.  You know when sometimes you feel like you spend too much time doing one thing and not enough at another? Or you try to spend your time equally across the board but end up wishing you had just done what you wanted?  Yeah, this week was masterfully done!

So, here's a summary of what I love so far about this week:

  • Working.  Having a job and knowing I will have some financial support for my senior year from this.
  • My amazing boyfriend spoiling me.  He drove me into town so I wouldn't have to use more gas, paid for my movie ticket this past weekend, and gave me money while he was putting gas into his car to go buy a treat for myself (he later came in the store to say that instead, we need to go to Pack's - our favorite ice cream place).  He bought me a root beer float!  That's one good thing about being apart, we get to truly spend our time together when we are with one another.  
  • My best friend.  I saw him on Tuesday night when we all watched Happy Gilmore together and I am ecstatic about us being able to live together next year. It's going to be totally awesome!
  • Living in Virginia.  Driving home tonight was serene and perfect.  The trees are fully green and it just screams summer!  I can't wait for the fireflies to come out..... It even rained on me a little bit on the hour drive back this evening but just long enough for the sun to shine through and create a rainbow over our dusk-lighted mountains.
  • Yoga. I've already gotten a chance to do some pm. and am. yoga this week and I can't wait to get some in tonight!
  • Kings Dominion.  I'm planning to go with my boyfriend's family to an amusement park on Sunday which will be a lot of fun!  I do not like roller coasters, but I actually really enjoy theme parks (Harry Potter World please!).
There has been an absurd amount of reasons to smile this week (and it's only Wednesday night) so I'm quite happy.  I hope your weeks have been going just as well and that, if not, your weekend is fantastic!


10 May 2010

If you've been reading my blog you probably already know that one of my regular reasons to smile is that I have a camera I love.  Since I didn't put any pictures in my earlier post I decided to add some now.  The first one is SOOC (for those without photo-lingo that is Straight Out Of Camera).

This one is after I did some editing in Photoshop with a texture from Shadowhouse Creations (Lost).

Have a wonderful night!

Lunch Date with Myself

I wish I had taken a photo for this post although it wouldn't have been anything spectacular.  Today is my first full day on the job doing research and I'm typing during my hour lunch break.  My boss will be in tomorrow and one of the first things I'll have to discuss with him is a new chair/a way to raise the microscope!  After three and a half hours of looking through that microscope this morning my eyes are tired but even worse, my back is tired.  Either I sit up straight and bend my head at an awful angle or I slump to get my eyes to the lenses.

So after a somewhat long morning I drove to the campus Parking Services to make sure my pass would still count for summer time.  It does!  That was one wonderful thing.

Then I got to come back to my apartment and no one is even here right now.  I made myself my standard meal of broccoli and herb rice.  Better yet - they're leftovers.  I'm cleaning out my fridge while getting in a quick meal before I go back in to work for the afternoon.  Since two of my three previous apartment-mates have moved out we're short a few things that I'll have to go buy soon (salt & pepper, strainer, etc.) which I wouldn't have thought about if I didn't make the broccoli.

All in all, I'm very glad to be exactly where I am and I hope I can retain this attitude throughout the summer!

On schedule for tonight: grocery shopping, gym, moving out my next roommates stuff from my room.  I don't have room for anything but to lay down on half of my bed and move my chair out from my desk.  That will have to be tackled tonight.  It's good though, this way they don't have to cart all of their stuff home just to bring it back in August.  If it makes move-in easier and quicker then I'm all for it.

How have your days been going?  Anyone out there just starting their summer as well?

Mothers Day

09 May 2010

Mothers Day has proven difficult over the past two years.  Above is a picture of my mom in 2007, almost exactly a year before she passed away.  My mom and dad were at my high school band banquet in this picture.  My boyfriend's parents gave me this photo and I really like it because of their genuine smiles and because it reminds me of how involved my mom was.

My mom was my youth group leader, girl scout leader, involved in bands, drove me to get dinner after tennis practice and then would come back to pick me up later (on those same tennis days) to take me home from our musical rehearsals.  I feel like people say it all the time, probably because moms are generally so good at it, but she was the kindest person I have met in my entire life.

I was very lucky to have her and I only wish I could have her with me today.  I hope you've all shown your moms how much you care about them today.  They do so much for us and sometimes we don't understand just how much until it's too late.


08 May 2010

Well, it's my second day of "summer" and I've already gotten pretty bored. I'm ready to get back and work just so I feel busy.  Although it is nice to relax on occasion.  This morning was spent in a hot tub, making breakfast, and watching musicals then tonight I'll be meeting with a group of friends for dinner at a Mexican restaurant (my favorite - La Caretta).   Afterwards some of us will head to a theater to see Iron Man 2.  It's looking to shape up  to be a pretty fine day.  Hope you're enjoying your weekend but I've got to go play some Jenga!  Haha, reason to smile? Board games, movies, and Mexican food!


07 May 2010

Noah's mom has four hens that she recently bought out in her backyard.  She named them after famous women (Eleanor, Hillary, Martha, and Ladybird) which I thought was the cutest idea ever!  She has been getting eggs almost daily and this morning Noah and I even used three to make our own pancakes.  

When I was younger we would travel out to Illinois and stay at my grandparent's farm for a week.  They had been a pig farm for the longest time but eventually only had cows and chickens.  Now when I see chickens I think of that farm from my childhood and it makes me happy.  

I am officially done with my spring semester of Junior year at university and I will begin my summer job on Monday.  Time sure seems to fly when you're having fun (or are busy with a ton of schoolwork).  Hope your "summer" is starting off well!

Play Dates

05 May 2010

Today, my friend brought us bubble soap, a frizbee, and a kite to play with on the Quad.  She makes me so happy and I wish we didn't all have to split up for the summer.  Anyways, her boyfriend and mine were super cool trying to get this kite to fly although to no avail.

We ended up playing with bubbles for most of the time which was just as fantastic and it was nice to think about nothing.  I still have one more final and then I'm done my junior year.  What? I'm going to be a senior?!  No way... 

Well, here are some pictures from our time on the Quad this afternoon, hope you're having as beautiful of days as we are here!

Reasons to Smile

04 May 2010

  • I am healthy.
  • I have a caring boyfriend.
  • Classes are almost over.
  • I have a summer job lined up.
  • Next year some of my best friends will be living with me.
  • This apartment will be redecorated soon.
  • I finished The Help yesterday (a novel).
Tonight is turning out to be pretty rough so I'm just trying to get in a few reasons to smile for this evening.  Hope you all have a good night.

Finals and Freedom

My hardest exam (cumulative bio) was just completed an hour ago and I'm very glad to be done with it!  I still have two more though but I'm not nearly as worried about them. 

The best part of the day so far was how sweet Noah was to me in the morning.  I do not currently have a car because it failed inspection I decided to get more exercise by walking.  Fortunately my boyfriend could bring his fun, new (to him) Toyota down to school and park it at my complex for the week. 

He drove me out around 8am to Starbucks for a latte and then brought me to the building my final exam would be in so I could have time to study.  I must say that it feels nice to be the one getting picked up (I've been driving everyone for the past two years because I'm the only one who brought a car to school).  It feels more like a date to me (and I love that!).

Anyways, I'll have to get some pictures up of him and his car soon because I think we're both pretty excited. Summer is almost here and I just need to work out my hours with the department and it should be smooth sailing!  Definitely can't wait for freedom in the evenings!

Day in Photographs: Apple Blossom Festival

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