Terrible Tuesday

29 June 2010

I had a great post going on. About grumpies and awesomeness.  Sadly, blogger decided not to publish it and also not save a copy of the draft. Oh well, this evening has been rough so I'm going to leave you, sadly, with just this little paragraph explaining why there isn't a post about awesomeness. :(  Hope your Tuesday has been better!

Motivational Mondays! (and Harry Potter Trailers)

28 June 2010

Today has been a complete turn around from the "down in the dumps" that yesterday consisted of.  Although I did work for seven hours today I had the evening to look forward to. Noah made a decision to come down and visit me for the whole evening and I'm so very glad he did!

Something about having him here during the week makes it much easier to be happy throughout the week days.  It feels more, permanent .... somehow. Well, this evening we watched some tv, made dinner, made brownies, watched a Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows trailer (you can also see it embedded at the bottom of this post - the longer, more magnificent trailer is the first and another new one is below that), worked out together, and admired the beautiful sunset.

All in all, it's been a wonderful day! Are there any fellow HP lovers out there?  What has been the best part of your Monday so far?

PS - Wanted to share these thoughts with you; they gave me a smile! On my Nabisco 100 cal Oreo pack it is written "Snacktime Inspirations: Here's a novel idea.... make some time to catch up on "me time" with a good book and a cup of tea.  Remember, relaxing the mind and body can make you more productive and happy."  Aren't those some nice words to find on your snack pack? Plus I like the way they called it a novel idea and they mention a book.  Hope that was a reason for you to smile as well.  Think I'll go follow their advice!


27 June 2010

I'm tired of summer already.  The high heat has hit and we've been in a blast of hot air for a few weeks now which makes going outside during the day time feel like stepping into a mild version of hell.  I love the city that I'm in but all of my friends are home or away for summer so I'm looking forward to the fall when they can all join me again.

It just doesn't feel like summer to me. I know part of it is being an adult now so I have a job instead of lounging around all day but I do miss that a good bit.  The week days go by rather slowly sometimes and the weekend flies by (yet can still be boring at the same time).  On that note, does anyone have some date ideas they would like to share? We wanted to tennis today and a picnic in the park but it was way too hot. The best part of my day was easily visiting a place called "Puppy Cottage" which is a store that sells puppies and allows people to come in and play with them in little pens to let them get used to people and have exercise.  (As a side note, we heard the clerk say the price of the puppy in the pen next to us was $3,500. What?! Apparently it had seven champions in it's line. Well, la-de-da. There are some great dogs at my spca for 45 bucks and they may not have champions in their line but they will love you like no other. Yeah, had to throw it in again).

Well, I wish we could have done more today but we were hindered by Noah's need to be with the dogs he was sitting and also by the heat. I'm just tired of summer, tired of waiting, and tired of living by myself.  Don't you hate those days when you just feel down?  Sorry, I'll try to keep up with the reasons to smile, and they make me feel better too.

  1. I'm healthy.
  2. I'm missing my boyfriend, but at least I have a boyfriend to miss.
  3. We have a strong, faithful relationship.
  4. I found the most DELICIOUS honey ever this past week.
  5. I saw my best friend this weekend and met his girlfriend for the first time.
  6. Italian sodas are delicious.
  7. Puppies love you no matter what you're frustrated about.
  8. I got to pet a horse this weekend.
  9. Kohl's had a sale and I got $75 worth of shirts for $24.
  10. I have a great job that is good experience and pays well.
What are your reasons to smile this week?  Are your days treating you well?

Falling in Like

24 June 2010

Ladies, remember when you were in grade school and would blush when someone asked about your crush? Remember when his foot would touch yours under the table and it felt just wonderful? When just the idea of holding hands would set your heart pounding? Meet Big Poppa E.

He has a humorous and kind soul from the videos I've seen of him. He does poetry slams across the nation and this is one of my favorites. A friend of mine introduced me to him about a year ago and I hope you can enjoy this poem, Falling in Like the same way I do. Have fun remembering those feelings!

That first is my favorite, but for a view of REAL love and what it means to love watch this video.  It means you will ALWAYS have someone.  It is not a, as he says, "vague poetic notion" but a fact of your commitment.


23 June 2010

picture from SunSentinel

One of my reasons to smile today is that my weekday workout sessions have been going well.  You may recall me mentioning that I want to work out every weekday.  I've been doing really well with this personal goal so far. The only exception would be this past Monday although I worked out with the boy on Saturday and played tennis on Sunday morning so I don't feel too guilty at least.

Today was my best yet and that was exciting.  I track my eating and fitness (when I remember) on My Plate. It's very helpful and has verified calorie amounts for just about any food.  It's helpful if you want to keep track.  Plus you can put in your height, age, and weight  along with how much weight you want to lose each week (for example, two pounds a week) and it will calculate for you how many calories a day you should allow yourself.  Of course, if you put in calories for fitness you can eat some extra.  It really is a splendidly helpful website.  

What ways do you keep motivated?  Health is number one for me (although trying on swimsuits this past Monday was a bit of a let down too).  Do you prefer to workout by yourself or with a partner? Thanks all!

My 3 Things

Kim, from Fill Your Well tagged me in a post and I've filled in my answers!  Hope your Hump Day is going well.  Just two more days until the weekend!

 PS- You may notice some more color has been added to the blog.  I need to take a break from white. :)

3 names i go by:
1. alli
2. allison
3. thumbnail

3 places i have been:
1. The United Kingdom (I'm in love with Britain)
2.  Yellowstone National Park, absolutely stunning
3. Bethany Beach, I love, love, love the beach in summer time!

3 favorite drinks:
1. It's lame, but water
2. sweet tea!  my favorite is by Constant Comment
3.  I love lemonade

3 jobs i have had:
1.  I've worked with FEMA as a summer intern
2. Last summer I ushered at a Music Theatre
3. Currently I'm looking for fossilized fish teeth

3 tv shows i watch:
2. 30 Rock
3. It was Lost, not sure now

3 places i would like to visit:
1. Britain. Again.
2. Europe, maybe Italy or Greece
3. Hawaii, for the island and for the geology

3 places i have lived:
1. Winchester, VA
2. Harrisonburg, VA
3. TBA in 2 years.  We'll see. :)

3 favorite dishes:
1. Anything with mashed potatoes. 
2. Cheese burritos and spanish rice
3. Probably a vegetarian pasta dish with lots of marinara sauce

3 things i am looking forward to:
1. Moving forward in my relationship!
2. Having my friends move in this fall!
3. Our beach vacation this summer!

3 people i am tagging:
1. Becky from Same Page Notion
2. Michael from Yes, like the guys' name
3. Tillie from She Waits for Whispers

Butterflies & Sweethearts

21 June 2010

We had a marvelous weekend.  It began with a cheap lunch at Applebees (thank you birthday gift card!), shopping, watching When in Rome, and eating a homemade dinner.  Then on Saturday we went to the Farm Market early in the morning, visited a live butterfly exhibit, went to the gym, ate pizza, and watched Boondock Saints II.  Sunday wrapped it up with tennis first thing in the morning (in the park across the street), chillaxing while watching some tv, our favorite mexican for dinner with a margarita on the side, and more films in the evening.  I'm sad he's gone but work went by quite quickly today because I had such a wonderful weekend!  

The butterfly exhibit is a one week event and it only cost us $5.  We had a grand time weaving our way through the green house looking at their flower selections while 75 butterflies flitted around us.  The hosts even had a little pot of sugar water that you could dip your finger into so that butterflies would land on your finger!  It seems like a childhood fantasy to have butterflies landing on you in a flower garden.  This mini-adventure was one of my favorite dates and if you all have a chance to do this in your area, I recommend it!


19 June 2010

Yesterday afternoon we went creekside in the park across the street.  I love being by water, especially during the summer!  Have a wonderful Saturday everyone!

The Boyfriend

18 June 2010

Well Noah is down for the weekend so we'll just see how often I update. :) I even took off work early today for the occasion!

We already went to lunch at Applebees (because I had a gift card from my birthday!) and ordered separate vegetarian dishes.  I had three cheese chicken penne minus the chicken and he had a portabella burger.  We also split a Queso Grando appetizer which was my favorite part of the whole meal and even bought a dessert shooter.  I'm still stuffed!

Then we went to Target, a hobby of hours in our free time.  We like to pick out items for our future house or, perhaps, apartment as we will be living together along with two of our best friends in the fall.  Although we have started trying on outfits for each other when we go in just for kicks and today I actually ended up buying a dress!.  Noah picked it out just for fun but it fit really well and I can wear it when I teach.  I'll show you a pic in another post or maybe update this one in a little bit.

We're planning to watch "When in Rome" this afternoon and make some dinner.  Plus tomorrow we're going to a live butterfly exhibit!  After the farm market we'll head over there - I'll definitely share some pictures.  Hope you're enjoying your Friday and get ready for the weekend!

PS - I'm feeling a fun day coming on so that's what's up with the goofy faces! Love him!

Paprika Cauliflower Pita Pockets!

17 June 2010

I felt motivated all day long to cook again.  It's always enjoyable but now that it's summer I'm cooking for my lonely little self!  I always prefer to cook with or for another person.  Although today I stumbled upon a wonderful vegetarian recipe and immediately headed to the farm market to snatch some of their produce.  While there I saw a vendor selling baked goods so I decided to use her Jumpin' Jack Focaccia bread instead of pita pockets for this recipe.  I like to support the local vendors when I can.

 Of course, I had to go to WalMart to finish of my shopping (the farm market here isn't big enough to have everything I need - aka cauliflower, paprika).  I want to let the world know though, the cauliflower I bought at Walmart was wrapped and when I opened it up in my apartment there were two LIVING bugs on it.  How gross is that?  Just saying, the farm market is where it's at!  Why go to WalMart when you can shop in a wonderful, outdoor atmosphere, support individuals and their green practices, and maybe even buy a wildflower bouquet from a wonderful gentleman playing the fiddle?  It's beyond me. Oh right, Walmart has virtually everything I will ever need in life for a low price. Too bad I'm a poor college student. Haha.

I hope you get a chance to try this recipe out!  I only used 1/3 of the cauliflower tonight for dinner and slightly adjusted the recipe to suit that.  The flavor was perfect. Oh, and I should let you know, it only took me about fifteen minutes.  Who doesn't love a quick, tasty meal?!

Paprika Cauliflower Pita Pockets

What you'll need:

·          1 head cauliflower (2 lb.), cut into bite-size florets
·        3 Tbs. olive oil
·        2 Tbs. sweet Hungarian paprika
·        1/2 tsp. ground black pepper
·        1/2 tsp. fine sea salt
·        1 small red onion, diced (1 cup)
·        1 clove garlic, minced (1 tsp.)
·        1/2 cup low-sodium vegetable broth
·        2 Tbs. lemon juice
·        4 pita bread rounds, halved and warmed

1. Steam cauliflower 7 to 9 minutes, or until tender.
2. Heat oil, paprika, pepper, and salt in nonstick skillet over medium-low heat, 2 minutes, or until fragrant, stirring constantly. Add onion and garlic, and sauté 2 minutes more {the picture above is from this step}. Stir in broth and cauliflower, and simmer 3 minutes. Remove from heat, and stir in lemon juice. Serve with pita halves

Animals are Love

16 June 2010

(image from www.rhspca.org)

I was having a tough morning today after an even rougher evening yesterday.  I decided to take a long lunch break and go to the SPCA.  Being around animals always makes me feel better (unless, maybe, they're a giant german shepherd who is 8 months old and is bigger than me....).

Well, I played with cats for the first half hour then walked puppies and small dogs the other half an hour.  Usually I walk dogs but today I went into the small dog room and I am so glad I did!  I ended up finding three little beagle/plott hound puppies (one of the three is pictured above)!  They were adorable.  What is important about this though is that a friend of mine from my home church (well, technically she's my mentor) had mentioned to me that her family is looking for a beagle or beagle mix to adopt.  I immediately texted her to let her know the gems I had stumbled upon.

Now, she's an hour away from this SPCA and I know it may not work out (those puppies will be snatched up quick - they were incredibly cute).  Still, I'm glad I could finally give her some positive news.  If at all possible I encourage people to adopt from a local shelter because if they run out of room for the homeless creatures they have to put some down.  It's terribly sad.  Plus, they want you to SPAY and NEUTER your pets.  This is also important to me.  There are too many animals without homes as it is, we should not go on creating more.  I also don't understand (unless you're using your pet as a show dog) why you need a purebred from a breeder.  All animals need homes and I've only owned mutts in my life and they were wonderful.

Yeah, sorry about the huge rant but it's very important to me that animals find homes and are taken care of.  I cannot wait for the day I have the time and money to own a dog!  They really are mans best friend.

Well, with that rant taken care of, I hope you have some pleasant animals in your life to keep you happy and healthy.  And in the words of Bob Barker "Remember folks, always spay and neuter your pets!".

Cardio... for How Long?!

15 June 2010

You know what is spectacular? The university gym in summertime.

On Sunday evening, when I arrived, the sign up board for some of the gym equipment had one person signed up before me.  ONE PERSON. That is impossible!  I've been going around three times a week since spring semester let out but "Maymester" had been going on for the past month.  Finally people went home and this is what resulted!

During the school year you would never, ever see the board this empty.  I don't care if it's 7 in the morning or 8 at night. UREC is never, ever this empty.  But voila! One of the best perks about being here during the summer.

My personal goal currently is to go every weekday.  I've been doing pretty well.  My boyfriend and I kind of made a pact together to actually work out and I think we've been doing pretty well.  When he gets his butt back down here we're aiming to play some tennis in the park across the street.  What a great way to get some exercise huh?  I'll keep you posted about the workout regime (and whether or not I stay on it).

What is your favorite way to get in exercise?  Do you prefer cardio or strength training? Indoors or outdoors? Thanks for sharing!

Civil Duty

Today, my district had a special election for our delegate.  It has always been incredibly important to me to vote.  We are a very fortunate country in that we are given the freedom, and are encouraged, to vote for what we believe is right.  It bothers me that so few people feel the responsibility to vote the same way I do.

In our election today, my preferred candidate did not win but that is alright.  We're based on the majority and I'm okay with that, or I wouldn't bother voting at all. Anyways, here is a quote from our local tv station on the election results:

"Degner, the Mayor of Harrisonburg, defeated Wilt by one percent among city voters, but that wasn't enough to overcome Wilt's strong advantage in the county."

See that? One percent.  Of course that wasn't the overall but sometimes elections go that way.  People say their vote doesn't matter. It does. It always does and always will.  Please, when there is an election in your area, take the ten minutes out of your day to drive there and vote.  Your voice matters.


14 June 2010

Is anyone else feeling a vacation?! I'm ready for a break and not just one that involves eating out for two meals in a weekend.  I'm ready to travel and make memories. AKA, I'm ready for the beach! Or caving, hiking, HP World, amusement parks, etc.  I'm ready to get out and live some.

I guess I feel as if a few needs of mine have not been met.  Recently I've just been left wanting - in many different areas of my life.  Some needs are impossible to meet, some I need to be patient for, and others have no reason for being left undone.

I'm trying to take charge of my life and do things to make me happy and it works.... for a little bit.  The problem is I still have time and what is most important to me (people) is still missing. Haha, and the funds.  Fortunately, my bf and I have figured out a mini beach excursion and I hope we'll eventually book a hotel.  We've been talking about this since early May but no action of consequence has taken place.

In short, keep rooting for us to take the initiative and just live it.  Thanks and hope you're getting in some relaxation time for yourselves!

Jethro Tull Concert

13 June 2010

Last week, the evening before Noah's 21st birthday actually, we ended up in Vienna, Virginia to see a live performance by Jethro Tull.  Someone introduced me to them about ten years ago and they've been one of my favorite bands ever since.  

We bought a chocolate & vanilla swirl ice cream to share during the concert although I really enjoyed eating at Macaroni Grill right beforehand (courtesy of Noah)! We did, unfortunately, have to leave early because we had to get back to the hometown.  We had to make sure the german shepherd Noah was dog-sitting was okay for so long without us.

At least while we were there some of my favorites were played (I like their folk songs the best) such as Jack in the Green, Songs From the Wood, and Bouree.  Ian Anderson is the star of the band who, according to Anchorman the movie, plays "jazz flute".  Actually, if you've seen Anchorman, the song Ron plays while dancing around in the restaurant is a Jethro Tull song.

There's a new piece of info for you!  Hope you're enjoying your Sunday evening!

I'm leaving you with one of my favorites. I didn't put on a live performance because this version of Songs From the Wood is my favorite. I love the light music. :)

Cute Proposal Video

11 June 2010

Or perhaps I should simple say: awesome.

This guy put a lot of planning into this question to be sure.  I'm sure his finacee will never forget this day!


Say hello to this little guy!  Just a week before this picture he and his siblings were still in the nest crying out for their mommy to be feeding them!  Time sure does fly huh?

Well, I seem to be increasingly happy every time we get to a Friday! There's not too much scheduled this weekend but He's coming down so I'm happy no matter what we do (especially if we can have some Papa John's garlic sauce).  Having such a long weekend previously has certainly spoiled me and, dare I say it, made me a tad lazier.  I have summer fever and I want to just lounge about with my friends watching movies and eating like a piglet!  Haha, I have self control but I don't like using it!

So what are your plans for the weekend?  And, because I just have to know, where do you get your favorite pizza from?

Loving Thoughts

05 June 2010

When I arrived yesterday evening my honey surprised me with some lovely yellow flowers that he bought for me.  I loved the surprise!

Then on his walk today with the dog he picked a handful of wildflowers as well!  I'm such a lucky lady!


04 June 2010

TGIF!  I'm very glad we've finally gotten to the weekend!  Although I took Memorial Day off it has felt like an incredibly long week! 

I'm currently back in my hometown staying with my boyfriend who's dogsitting.  I must say I can't wait til he gets to come visit me instead. It's nice to be together but it seems like every weekend there's a dog taking priority.  That's his job. I get it. but he happens to watch the neediest dogs sometimes. Haha, at least we're together.

He also got me flowers!  I'll upload a picture to show you sometime.  (I've been quite lazy with uploading photos lately, mostly because I have no space on my hard drive).  Anyways, this weekend is a long one for me because my sweetie and I are going to go to a Jethro Tull concert on Tuesday and we're celebrating his birthday on Wednesday. I'm looking forward to it.  Plus.... we may make cookies. Yes!  Well, he just got back from taking the pooch on a walk so we're going to finish watching a musical by Starkid.  Hope you're looking forward to a wonderful weekend as well!

Party Time

02 June 2010

We were at the Lake House for my 21st birthday.  These are a few pictures from throughout the night.  Dinner, silly faces, glow sticks, lake, and campfires make for a great time!


01 June 2010

Every once in a while, a girl needs a change. This is simply the easiest change for me to make in my life right now so, ta-da! A new haircut happened.  It's actually quite similar to the one I got last summer and I like it perfectly just now. It's still long enough for a ponytail (need that for work) but it's shorter and lighter for summer.  Do you typically like the changes you make to your hair or do you wish you hadn't changed it as soon as you get it cut?

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