The Good, The Bad, the Beautiful

29 July 2010

Ok, I have to balance this out. There is one piece of information that is bogging me down so I'm going to surround it with pure awesome.

Me with my soon-to-be roommates.
Noah, me, James, and Jake 
(see the end of this blog post to hear about the most BEAUTIFUL part of my life right now)

This morning I woke up and I was so tired! I hit snooze twice before getting up so I made the decision to go to Starbucks before work to grab some coffee (I think I'll have an addiction soon after all these visits). What a great decision! I was still at work by 8:30 which was fantastic and I was awake and happy all morning long.  I even had an hour break from looking for fossil fish teeth because I was packaging samples into envelopes. The morning just flew by!

Lunch break was good because I had plenty of time to get to the gym and I was working. I was in the zone because I was geared to get back to work by a certain time.  The only teency downside here was that I barely had a lunch. It's my own fault. I got home, changed, and sort of forgot to eat.... Oops. It's ok, later I took half an hour to go to the post office and I got a pretzel on the way.

The afternoon went slowly but it was alright, I split up the last three and a half hours with the break to the post office. On that note, my photos for Tillie's photoswap are gone and on their way to a foreign country. I'm very happy and I'm looking forward to receiving mine in the mail (hopefully next week!).

Ok, now for the bad....

What happened to this?

I got a package in the mail from my dad. By package, I mean envelope with the mail that for some reason still goes to his house. What got me though was the letter that came with the package. There was a typed letter (one and a half pages) that was dictated as if it was a journal entry about what was going on in his life.  It didn't sound like he was talking to me so much as just recounting his days.  It always sound like he's complaining. I'm so busy. I had to get firewood while it was hot out. I'm tired of waiting to get married.

Wait. What? He said in this letter that he and his "fiancee" are thinking about eloping, just going off and getting married so they don't have to worry about all the 'details' that a wedding requires. You mean... picking out a date and inviting people that matter to you? Oh yeah. Don't get me wrong - I want a bit nicer of a wedding than that when my day comes but it wouldn't be bad to just do it somewhere and have a friend officiate without any decor or real work.  but what gets me is that it's basically a DECLARATION of their acknowledgement. They realize that NO ONE wants to be there.

That may seem harsh. Trust me, it isn't. Her mom (the only person she even knows exists) doesn't like it, his daughters don't like it. He doesn't have any friends. She doesn't have any friends. Who would be left to go?

He mentioned them looking at weekends in September in our home church which bothered me. He said they were full but.... I guess since they kept "putting it off" (his words) then I was hoping maybe he had come to his senses and realized what a horrid mistake he was making and that he would eventually call the whole thing off.  I was, apparently, wrong.

No, this is not a thing about "she's not my mom!". I'm old enough that I don't need a mom (although I of course wish she was with me every, single day). It's the fact that they started dating less than 3 months after my mom passed away, she was moved in within 5 months after that, and then they got engaged just a year after my mom was gone. That is WAY too quick. Can we say rebounding??? They're not remotely compatible (neither is really a good person either). She's never been married and she's 55. That doesn't always mean something...but with her, it does. There are reasons. Then my dad got married right out of college, got divorced. Married my mom. She passed away just two years ago. Then he's trying to marry this woman.... Maybe he should take some time to become closer to his daughters, his parents, his brother, make some friends, or discover himself. Instead, he realizes that he can't do anything because my mom took care of  everything. He couldn't cook, clean, do laundry, anything really that involves housework. Neither can his fiancee. She's lived with her mom. Always. She can't cook or do laundry either. Her MOM  has always done those things. Can you tell I despise this?

Instead, I'm told I'm "too young" and people say "he's grieving". No. I know what I have been dealt, I recognize how lucky I have been to find a man so perfect for me as Noah and I know there isn't anyone I'd rather spend my life with. I've spent five years with him as we developed our relationship. And we're still not engaged. Dad wants to be married? He's just afraid to be by himself.

Ok, so one of these days you'll see a really pissed post on here about how he got married and how idiotic the whole thing is. Then, another day you'll see one that is (I'm just slightly ashamed to say) smug about their divorce. Probably with her getting all of his money. He refuses to sign a prenup even though he has two daughters in college....

Alright, done. I promise. I have a lot of stuff pent up in me from this summer and I long for a friend to confide in, to hold me, and to talk to me, and listen to me.  Just a few more weeks. But I won't let it go on here any more than this, but thank you for reading. I feel slightly sick to my stomach so it's time to look at all that is beautiful in life.

Ready for it? I am.

These are my guys. 

My friends are moving in. In just two weeks.

I cannot possibly explain in words how happy this make me.  I've said it before, but I'm living with three guys.  One is Noah. I can't believe I'll be able to come home to him each and every night.  We technically have separate bedrooms but we'll see how that works. I want to have him near me all the time, especially after being apart this summer. Even when I have a really long day or he's at trombone practice until 10pm, we'll still, at the very least, be able to say goodnight and I love you to each other's faces.  I feel like I've been waiting years for this. and to be fair... I have.

Then, I have my best friend Jake. He is the best listener I know.  I'm afraid I talk over him a bit too much. Not to be mean! I have few people that I trust the way I trust him and he lets me vent about all my frustrations, I get caught up sometimes and keep going forever.  He is the only person beyond Noah that I am completely honest with at all times. With other friends I am reserved about certain things (usually things that they'll disagree with or may hurt their feelings) but we can tell each other. Of course, that rarely happens because he's too good of a friend. He puts all of the rest of us to shame.

My final roommate is a guy named James. He went to my high school but I didn't like him much then. He's changed so much since graduating though. Or perhaps it's from dating his girlfriend.... Who knows? He's mature emotionally and can be serious (which I need sometimes) but is also extremely funny (he'll run around slapping butts (ahem, noah and jake's) but then he'll slap mine too just because he doesn't see me as different. There aren't too many guys who can pull that off without seeming like an ass. He just makes me feel included. Anyways, he's one of Jake's best friends so I can trust that we'll get along rather well. I'm really looking forward to learning about another person in such an intimate way.

Jake and Noah are as much my family as my sister Kelsey and much more so than my father. I really, truly hope that the same will be said of James in just a few months time.

How lucky am I to have these people in my life? Even when everything else is going wrong, I have them to count on.  The fact that we'll be living together hasn't even been fully incorporated into my brain. I don't think I can comprehend how it will be. It's not the same talking to someone on the phone as in person. It's not fun to be the one visiting a dorm every night then having to leave because we have school the next morning. Now, the last people I see each day will be them. The first people I see in the morning will be them. I wouldn't have it any other way.  It's like my dreams came true with this.

Also, my sister will be back in town. I've never gone so long without seeing her.  It'll have been over three months.... I can't wait to see her, my freshman year friends, my girlfriends, my major friends, my guy friends, and my boyfriend. I'm very excited. Can you tell? I love my school. I love my college. I love my life.

There are some bad things that happen that we have no control over. I can't make decisions for other people. The best I can do is surround myself with brilliant people who love me. I have. Life is good.

Starbucks' Saving Grace

28 July 2010

At least after a long day at work I can settle down with a Cinnamon Dolce Latte and update my blog.

I worked around the gym's new hours today and ended up going during my lunch break which worked rather well.  It was certainly a great break but after two more hours at work I was ready for a nap! I feel ancient. Haha, do you have days like that?

On the bright side of it, I don't have to worry about getting to the gym in the evening so all of my time is my own.  That's always good. Although for a little period of time even my cable went out because of a quick thunderstorm we had in our area. That left me with nothing to do at the apartment. What a bummer! Luckily it came back within ten minutes or I would have been a goner!

Today my reasons to smile are as follows:

  • My cinnamon latte was even better than normal
  • My photos for Tillie's Photoswap are ready to be mailed. I'm super excited!
  • Just a week and a half until the Outer Banks trip with Noah's family. YES.
  • Only two and a half weeks until my friends are all moved into the apartment. Wow have I missed them!
  • I have a great job, even if I get a little tired of looking through a microscope after a while. I have a great boss, great experience, and I get to live in my home for the summer.
  • Certain Potter Musical scenes keep me cracking up.
  • Jake called, I have to call him back. :)
  • Heather is coming down this weekend to see JMU and catch up with me.
  • Since I had abundant time after work I decided to look super cute when I went out. At work I have to wear jeans, a casual shirt, and my hair up every, single day. 
  • I have been lucky enough to find the man of my dreams, my prince charming. No, I'm not exaggerating. at all. 
  • I'll see my sister for the first time in three months in mid-August.
There are a lot of reasons to smile. What are yours?

Starbucks and Gym

27 July 2010

I am so unhappy that my gym has now closed for the evenings. At least my version of what an evening is. It's typical for me to go between 7:30 and 9pm at night. Now it's closed at 7.  that means I need to get in there between 5 and 6pm!! What?! I don't even get off work until 4:30 typically.... Man. The next time it's open after 7pm is the 22nd of August which means everyone else will be back at school and I'll have to share all over again which I'm not so excited about.

The good news? Starbucks is open for me right now. Of course that's how I'm using internet to type this out right now. A warm Carmel Apple Spice is my drink for the night. I ended up staying awake a tad too late for my liking yesterday so I decided to turn down the dial on the caffeine for the evening. Yummy though! I think this was actually the first drink I had ever gotten at Starbucks.

Want to know a new goal I have? I want to be a Starbucks Gold Member. It's my favorite study place (I discovered this last semester) so I'm sure I'll be well on my way once Madison opens it's doors again.

I was thinking a lot today about the phrase "work to live or live to work". I've been thinking about how many people don't take it easy but rather rush about trying to get their jobs done.  We need to take it slow and enjoy the people that matter to us.  I'd say generally I don't have an issue with this, but what's bothering me is the lack of time I already feel. Will I be capable of keeping up with everyone? How do I divide my time well enough to have a real relationship with everyone? It's never been easy but for the first time ever I'll be living with the people that are my chosen family.  I'm very excited yet a tad nervous that it'll be harder to balance school alongside them.

Another concern is whether the research grant my professor has will extend into the semester.  I truly hope so.  Obviously it's great experience anyways, but if I could great experience and get paid, well, wouldn't that be preferable? I'm getting comfortable and I don't want to have to adjust back.  Although on the bright side I'll get some more meals on campus and I'll have less groceries to pay for. What a major plus! Although any extra spending will have to drop and I still haven't mastered the art of budgeting. that's all right though! We'll power through.

Hope your Tuesday has gone well!

Teaching: Science

25 July 2010

Sorry about posts being sporadic lately.  My internet has been out of commission for quite a few days now. Luckily, there is a Starbucks down the street from my apartment so I've been hopping over here to use the internet, relax, and grab a coffee recently.  It's actually a sort of win-win situation.

Yesterday Noah and I watched The Sorcerer's Apprentice which was cute but I think we're really waiting to see Inception.  His whole family is trying to not watch that movie so we can watch it at the beach together.  Just two weeks to go! I'm pretty excited. Once we go on vacation with his family it's as if summer will end!  You all probably know that I'm ready for the school year to get started again. That week in August will be spent with him and his family and then the day after we can come back my apartment-mates can move in! YES. Senior year will be here.

I should really work on some lesson plans so that I won't have to worry about them during the school year.  I have a full course load right now (19 credits) although I'm trying to add at least one more research credit in. This November I'm presenting on microfossils at a conference for VAST (Virginia Association of Science Teachers) and my professor has come up with another idea.  The idea was sparked by me going to the conference already and he decided it would be good to have my classmates from my 477 class (contemporary issues in the geosciences) go along as well to attend. Everyone in that class would be majoring in Earth Science with plans to teach so they would benefit.  We will meet other teachers in the state and possibly potential employers.  It's a good idea. Everything at the conference will be geared towards science teachers. He's thinking about making it a one credit class as well though and the main idea would be to attend the conference and write a paper about what we learned and how we would incorporate it into the classroom. It's definitely a great idea but if we add that on top of everything else I want to do it'll be 21 credits.... I need to get permission from the department head to have more than 19 credits. Of course, the department head is Dr. L so I can't imagine he would deny me this.  There are some perks for doing research with him besides just liking him a lot.

So we'll have to see where this school year takes me. I'm getting pretty excited. While I question what I'm doing I'm also excited about really being "grown up".  I'll be in the classroom some this semester (although little enough that I hesitate to call it student teaching). I hope I enjoy it or I'll get really worried.... If you teach or know someone who does, do you have any suggestions for how to maintain control in the classroom? I'm okay with organized chaos but I want to make sure my students will be able to learn in a respectful environment.  Thanks!

I'll end it with a few more questions if you've ever taught (bible school, sunday school, camp, college, K-12, anything where you lead younger students):
  • How did you keep their attention?
  • What was the most difficult part of teaching?
  • Most rewarding?
  • How did you go about making lesson plans? Did you use a general template? Did you wing it or plan out every detail?
  • What was your biggest challenge with discipline?
Img From HERE.

A Very Potter Sequel

23 July 2010

Mine and Noah's only complaint would be that it's too long.  It was just as funny as the first one certainly and Draco was still a main character. He(?) is my favorite! If you have a number of hours to set aside and you're an HP fan, I suggest it!

As for me, I've got all Saturday and Sunday laid out for me with my favorite guy and I'm pretty excited. It's been quite a long week for me! Happy Friday everyone!

Such a (Heat) Exhausting Day!

22 July 2010

Today was an "in-the-field" day.  In other words, my research professor, a local Earth Science teacher, and I went from the Shenandoah Valley up into Maryland (two hour drive) to collect rock samples to bring back to the lab.

I've actually been in this collecting site before this summer (sometime in May) with my research professor and two other guys.  When we were out hacking with rock hammers against slabs of limestone to break off pieces of rock I had gotten hot and went to sit under the bridge over the interstate to cool off. Did I mention we're on unstable footing midway up a hill directly beside an interstate and in constant sunlight?

Today we had been on the outcrop (geology term for the location we're collecting rocks at) for roughly 45 minutes.  I asked my professor for suggestions about where he would hammer now because I was stuck.  He said he'd come up and take over for a little bit so I slid down off the hill.  I was already feeling a little bad but once I got to the bottom, slightly more stable ground, I felt sick.

I thought I might get sick right then so I started walked slowly away (I didn't want to get sick in front of people!) but then, quickly, I started to lose hearing. It felt like my head was expanding with pressure and  I couldn't hear but his only lasted for a few seconds and then things around me started...fading.  Think of an extremely old photograph that has lightened throughout the years. Everything looked very washed out.  That has never happened before so despite feeling bad I turned around to walk back to my professor and by the time I got to him I could barely see anything and said "Dr. L, I can't see" and by the time he got to the bottom of the hill with our earth sci friend I really couldn't see anything.

Everything had gone completely white, no outlines or faded colors, it was as if there was one big white canvas in front of my eyes. I was trying to walk and I asked the teacher, Chris, to hold onto my arm. Good thing he did too! I couldn't see even where I was stepping which was dangerous because there were tons of rocks littering the ground and I was stumbling.  I remember leaning over really hard, taking a few steps, then my body crumbling inward itself.  I literally fell down, collapsing onto my knees on the ground. My professor was with us and I was describing to them what was happening (keeping them up-to-date on my vision).

Dr. L asked me to sit down on my butt, fully, not squatting but actually down. Then he had me drink water followed by pouring some on my head.  Once there was water on the outside of my body my vision started coming back. I poured more all over me: chest, legs, stomach, face.  My vision was back to 'normal' in a matter of a minute or two and when I told them that my professor held up fingers and asked me how many and I answered "two" correctly. Then he had me look directly into his eyes (he told me later he was looking to see if my pupils were dilated letting in too much light causing everything to be white). He also had me hold out my arm and if I remember right I wasn't shaking. He asked how I was and I said I felt better and that my vision was back to normal which gave me some confidence. He said he would go get the van (we had parked a good fifteen minutes away) and asked if Chris would take me to some shade. As he left, Chris took a firm grip on my arm to take me to the shade that was about fifteen yards away across a guardrail.

We sat down and I periodically poured water over myself and drank.  We talked for a bit and he seemed just a tad nervous (probably afraid it would turn to heat stroke while Dr. L was gone).  We were alright though.  I felt like I should be shaking but I wasn't actually shaky at all. It was a weird feeling. The nausea was gone and I could see well again.

I felt bad because we had to call it quits for the day but they both insisted (and probably rightly so) that safety was first and foremost. Dr. L bought me a big bottle of gatorade and we had a long, air conditioned carride back to Madison.  They told me when they touched me during the ordeal I had been cold and clammy and that my face was very pale.

Not the best of days and I laugh to think about what a different professor said the last time we were at this site, "Better a bad day in the field than a good day in the office".  Haha, not so sure I agree.

Be aware when you're out in the sun and if you need to take a break from an outdoor activity don't be afraid to say so.

  • drink water
  • pour water over the body
  • sit (or preferably lay down) in shade (or if possible air conditioning). 
Here's also a little saying that Dr. L and Chris said on the carride home that can help you remember about "raising" certain areas of the body too:

"Face is pale, raise the tail (legs). Face is red, raise the head."

Summer Rain

20 July 2010

We had summer rain early this evening and I loved it. Our region has been incredibly dry so far this summer which is rather disappointing.  Lucky me, I was snuggled up with a mug of black tea and some mint Milano cookies.  That makes for a fantastic time!

What do you do to relax? Any rituals for a rainy day? I think cuddling up with your significant other watching a movie or playing board games is the way to go, but when you're by yourself tea and a good book works pretty well too!

Img from here.

Man cannot live on coffee alone. Have a danish.

19 July 2010

I've been craving different foods all day. Currently? A fishbowl margarita and nachos.  I can take care of the nachos but I'm not so far gone as to go out and drink by myself. Haha.  I cannot wait for this weekend, or rather the fall semester. Noah will be with me in the apartment this weekend and I have some ideas.  El Charro's (the mexican place literally across the street) needs our money thrown at it and we need to watch A Very Potter Sequel. Comes out this Thursday at 8pm but we'll be watching it Friday afternoon.

I've already got plans laid out for a ladies night and a game night when everyone gets back to school in August.  I'm so pumped! I miss my friends in general but especially some girl time.  They've really had my back all summer.  I'm so lucky!

Sorry this one is so short and jumpy but I need to get me some nachos! Adios!

Budgets and Meal Plans

18 July 2010

Amidst all the changes I want to make in my life right now, there are two very practical ones. I want to do better at planning my meals ahead of time and budgeting my money when I get a paycheck.

I don't have too many costs to pay for right now but I know I'm going to need some of that money during the school year. I'm going to take some time tonight to figure out how to most wisely spend my money.

Then I plan to look at that budget and pick out five meals for the course of this week to fit into that budget. The goal here will be to find recipes with similar ingredients for the most part so I can use the vegetables over again.  Plus I need to be eating better. During the week I don't do bad but I don't do well either. I need to work at some fruits and veggies.

Do you have a hard time getting certain items into your diet? How often do you budget your money? Was it a difficult habit to get into? Do you find that you stick to it well?

I plan to look at my income, list out all of my necessities, and then frivolities I usually spend on as well.  I'll budget around my needs and then throw in a little extra 'spending money' for things like going out to eat or renting a movie.  I've been doing pretty well when it comes to putting money into savings.  If I do it right when I get the money then I don't have to worry about 'giving up' that money later.

Hope it works out well and that you had a wonderful weekend!

Virginia Beach Day 3

16 July 2010

We had a wonderful time together on vacation and I'm glad I'll be able to look back on our first vacation just the two of us with fond memories.  The third day we walked a fair distance on the boardwalk and beach.  Overcast clouds were moving in so we ended up leaving around noon.  I just wish the weekend could have lasted a bit longer! Sorry there isn't much journaling today but I'm typing quickly so I can pack up and head north on the highway to see my sweetheart.  Hope you're having a wonderful Friday!

Virginia Beach Day 2

15 July 2010

I know, cheesy kiss picture, but hey, we're in love!

Noah by the stair up to the lighthouse.  When we got to the top we actually had to climb up inside of the lighthouse.  I was a little freaked out because the stairs were 'open' (meaning you could see between them) and heights freak me out.  Noah was very supportive though!

This is actually a separate light house at Cape Henry (in Virginia Beach) I love the calm water and quiet beach.  Just beautiful.

Yeah, I was a tad braver on the way down (get me outta here!) but I stopped long enough to blow Noah a kiss.

A stranger was kind enough to take a photo of us in front of the new Cape Henry lighthouse.  We don't have too many picture of us that aren't from arms length. It was very peaceful here.

Look how unpopulated the beach is! The beach isn't open to the public because it's on a military base.  Our vehicle had to be searched before we could even come see the lighthouse!

There were actually dolphins swimming behind us in this picture. Have I mentioned that I would love a zoom lens? You can see that there were explanations of the history in the area.

This is my foot after the supposed urchin-attack.  Haha, a little melodramatic maybe? Well, it really did hurt when it happened and the lifeguard gave us gauze and tape since my foot was bleeding.  It wasn't overly fun to walk along the boardwalk with gauze wrapped under my foot. Still totally worth it.

This is the inside of the Cheesecake Factory.  The restaurant is known for it's cheesecake but we of course had dinner first! I had four cheese pasta which was delicious while Noah had a portabella burger.  He's a stronger vegetarian than I am by a long shot. I still taste mushrooms and think 'yuck'!

This was our Godiva Chocolate Cheesecake which we shared for dessert. Can you say 'yum'? Yes, yes, you can.  Beautifully presented, it tasted even better! We actually didn't finish all of it right after our meal and ended up saving some for the next day of our trip.  Very rich and flavorful!

After dinner we headed to the mall in the area and when we left it was dusk.  The sky was a deep hue of blue and I thought the lights of the restaurant looked pretty.  

So there you have it, day two pretty much wrapped up! We went to Cape Henry to visit first, ate a lunch of pizza hut breadsticks at Target (which was oddly similar to ours in our hometown), went to the beach and played in the water for 40 mins before the urchin, walked the boardwalk, ate at the Cheesecake Factory, and walked the mall.  What a wonderful day! 

Hey! I thought I was your one and only....

This picture is from Wedinator.  I thought it was way too cute!

See their site here.

Virginia Beach Day 1

14 July 2010

The trip was around 4 hours but well worth it!  I definitely liked traveling just the two of us instead of a van-full; we could stop whenever/wherever we wanted  The above statue is on the boardwalk and is of Neptune. It was gigantic!

We ate lunch at pizzeria the first day and they had very delicious pizza for quite reasonable prices.  It was wonderful to get in AC and to relax before running into the water.

Palm trees popped up in certain areas.  We could not have asked for better weather on the first day of our trip.  Blue skies, warm air, and best of all warm water. 

We looked for a place to eat for a very long time. After the beach we had traveled back to the hotel to change into casual clothes and decided to go out and look for a restaurant.  The problem was, there were none. After an hour and fifteen minutes of looking around we finally just ended up back at the boardwalk and walked around looking for an eatery.  Someone was particularly grumpy about the whole ordeal. Haha.

Can you guess what made him feel better?

We ended up at Guadalajara, a local Mexican joint, which was delicious!  The had wonderful salsa, rice, daiquiris, and margaritas!  I wish we had one where I live. Oh right, they do. It's just called El Charro's. 

After dinner we walked along the boardwalk and stopped to watch some live performances (such as a magician and an acting/singing group).  Noah was being a little bit silly which was a lot of fun too.

To top off the night we got to watch some fireworks! We have no idea what they were for but it was fun to see!

Beach Trip

13 July 2010

We're back! We spent a few days down in Virginia Beach and it was wonderful! We didn't spend as much time in the water as I would have liked but on the second day we were swimming in the ocean for 40 minutes when I stepped on something, yelped, and Noah pulled me to my rescue.  I'm not usually a moaner about physical pain too bad unless it hurts.  When we got up onto the sand we looked at my foot and there were cuts bleeding all over the ball of my left foot in a circular formation.  Today, after having the cuts rinsed off and walking on it for a while, we could see cuts (or pricks) in the middle too. My best guess is that I stepped on an urchin.... Not cool.

For the most part though it was a very fun vacation and I'm definitely glad we went!  We got to eat out at great places, share some flavorful drinks, and watch fireworks  All in all, a good couple of days! I'll put up more pictures later but here are some teasers!

The above photo was edited with picnik.  I put dots where the punctures were and lines where there were gashes. 


11 July 2010

I'll catch up on here in a few days to tell you about the weekend. For now though, we're starting the journey to the beach! Sun, sand, and time with my favorite guy sounds about perfect. Hope you're having a wonderful weekend!

Summer Loving

08 July 2010

This week has been filled with a lot of emotion: excitement, anxiety, boredom, frustration, and happiness.  Of course, every week has these emotions but for some reason they have stood out sharply to me recently.  I want to pinpoint reasons to smile though so I'll relate to you an experience that I've had several evenings this week.

I was driving in my van (sexy, I know) and I had my windows down during these overbearingly hot afternoons playing some country music.  Typically I was going to the gym for my evening workout after a light snack.  I've had several moments throughout the last two weeks were I just felt fine. You know that day when you look just fantastic, you're feeling great, and ready to grab the bull by it's horns? Yeah, one of those, only no one was around to see it!  Yeah, it's great to feel that way but it'd be even better to feel that way with someone else around!

In the same vein, it's like running across an old acquaintance by pure chance and just looking like a 10. Isn't that a great feeling? This is, well, not exactly the opposite but it's just a bit of a let down.

Do you have times were you just feel amazing?

Img from: Picture Perfect

07 July 2010

Do the decisions in life ever get easier?  I don't know if it's because I'm a senior in college (and therefore closer to the real world) or because I really am questioning my future but I'm having doubts.  In fact, the only thing I don't have doubts about is my relationship.  Thank goodness for that right?

What do you do for a living? Or, what are you training to do for a living? How did you decide? Do you wish you had done something different? If you did want to do something different would you, or would you be too scared to switch life paths?

Yeah, maybe it's just senior nerves but I'm not sure. Your answers are appreciated!

Happy Tuesday!

06 July 2010

Hope you had a wonderful weekend (and if you live in America, a wonderful 4th of July)! Just wanted to drop in and say hi real quick but I'll write a post tonight with a few details about the weekend. Fireworks, picnics, parties, friends, and family... it was certainly busy! The university had a holiday yesterday so I didn't come back to work until today.  Don't you love three day weekends?

For the love of all that is Holy....

01 July 2010

... this honey is the most delicious food I have ever tasted. I wish I could upload photos of this delectable golden goodness.  I have made several visits to the Farm Market over the past couple of weeks and my most recent obsession is the honey from one of the local vendors.

The vendor sells four types of honey: raw, infused with orange, cinnamon, or vanilla.  My favorite is the honey infused with orange although cinnamon comes in second place.  It is easily better than any candy bar I can think of (and I really have a sweet tooth for that type of nonsense).  I've put the honey in my tea, on my bread, and also, I'm embarrassed proud to say, directly onto my tongue when I was trying to get the very last bit out of the teency jar.

The farm market was open again this evening so after buying a little jar last Thursday to taste-test I went back tonight with a vengeance. I bought their largest jar of orange-infused honey and small jars of the others.  I do plan on sharing! I'm actually sending the vanilla jar to my sister sometime soon (I haven't seen her all summer and I think she deserves a sweet treat from her only favorite sister).

Beyond the farm market, today has gone remarkably well.  Tuesday was a downer but every other day this week has been alright for the most part - today was just over the top. Honey, some light reading, some warm ups, a fantastic workout at the gym, and blaring country music while singing along on some back roads on the way home.  Perfect.  Who doesn't love singing country music at dusk with their windows rolled down? All that was missing was some fireflies (and some friends)! Of course, those friends probably wouldn't appreciate all the country music I listened to this evening; there may be just a few advantages to driving by yourself - you get to pick the music and sing as loudly (and poorly) as you want!

Just as a side note, the farm market recently got sweet corn from Port Republic (just ten miles from the market) which is delicious.  Also, I've bought green peppers, zucchini, and apple sauce bread from them within the last week.  Can I just say I love the farm market?

Do you have any farm markets near you?  What is your favorite food to buy at a farm market? Does it matter to you if food is locally grown? What's your favorite time of day? Do you also love a genre of music that all your friends hate?
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