Let the Good Times Roll

18 December 2010

I am already loving having the time off from academics. It's so much more relieving than a standard Friday. I've been lucky. Last night I played Cranium with my sister and her boyfriend, and today I returned my books to the store (and got, for the first time ever, a decent amount back), went out to dinner with friends, played Hearts, and watched Elf. Yeah, I'm pretty pumped that it's break.  I'm a little bit down that I missed my church's caroling tonight which makes me even more glad that I could go with CKI last week!

Oh, this morning Noah took me out for a little breakfast downtown which was over-the-top pleasant & cute before heading to walmart where I got to put some money in the salvation army bucket. Do you do that at christmas time? I love to go up to bellringers and put money in. Some years I really want to collect money to donate to a cause (like animal shelters or cancer). Have you ever done this?

These are my reasons to smile today! What are yours?


16 December 2010

Well, beyond the fact that I feel worried about not going in to do research I'm doing pretty well. I finished my last final yesterday at 3pm and it feels good to know that I've got a few weeks respite before getting back to the grinding block.

First off, I want to say that my roommates are awesome all the time but I especially appreciated them this finals week. I've heard several stories from partners on projects, friends, and my sister about their roommates beginning to drive them crazy. I think it's a girl thing. We get stressed about all of this work and everyone tries to be overly polite and then people begin to get a little....well, we'll say unpleasant.  My guys have been awesome though and if anything I'd say they help me relax.

Now that my finals are over I'm ready to take a break and kick back. I want to find a good book to read, go downtown and visit restaurants, and volunteer at the SPCA. The only problem is we're snowed in! That's right. The reason I'm not going in today to do work is because the roads are white. I've seen people driving on them but my sister called and said she saw people skidding on the roads. Not worth it!

Well, hopefully the next week or two will become easier with checking up on blogs, commenting, and posting. I will try and get back on the horse and catch up with you all! Hope you're staying warm and cozy!

Let it Snow

14 December 2010

We've had some snow here although fortunately it didn't stick on the pavement or sidewalks for too long.  It's pretty while it falls though. Only about 24 hours left for my finals which is fantastic. One of the best parts about college is that once you've worked for a long time (going crazy!) you get to take a month off right in the middle of it.

Hope you're having a wonderful time and are staying warmer than were are in Virginia!

Loch Lomond

13 December 2010

This is one of my favorite songs and has been for years. I'm not sure where I first heard it but I remember being overly happy when we decided to play a version of this song in high school. I think my favorite arrangement is by Ticheli (which you can listen to here - with a wind symphony).

I hope it brings a smile to you today.


12 December 2010

So, um, yeah..... My brain is a bit fried from working for six hours on a project - straight.  My partner and I designed a probe that would go to Jupiter to test whether the core is made of diamond.  Yeah.  We're awesome like that.

As a result, I feel like a zombie and I am beginning to have mini freakout sessions about the rest of my work. With that, I bid you adieu and will see you in another day!


10 December 2010

Circle K offered caroling this week and I went along with a few other girls to sing at a retirement home nearby. Every year in my hometown my family caroled with a church group to shut ins and nursing homes so I jumped on board to do this.

It is a very rewarding experience. Many of the people you sing to smile and sing along or thank you for coming, wish you a merry christmas, or tell you that you are a wonderful singer (even when you noticeably are not - like me).  Let me tell you, our group will never attempt to sing The First Noel again but we're pretty awesome at Hark the Harold Angels Sing & Jingle Bell Rock.

Of course, there were a few hard times, there was a group of elderly women who didn't want to be sung to. It was nothing personal, I'm pretty sure they were just really into their Uno game. There were also a few people asleep in the rooms we sang in.... Still, we were smiling a lot, singing terribly & loudly, and it was a pretty good time all around.

Have you ever been caroling? Do you have a favorite Christmas song?  A common request is always Silent Night. My personal favorite it O Holy Night.


09 December 2010

I've found myself fantasizing a lot recently.... Whether it's about painting the apartment, decorating like crazy for Christmas, or throwing books at my professors and screaming "no more!!!", I'm finding myself periodically slipping away from reality to get lost somewhere else.

Know what this reminds me of and makes me fantasize about now? Books. Lots of books. Books that make you step out of your own world and into another, where you feel like you are right there with the character experiences all the same tastes, smells, and sights as them.

Help me keep my fantasies alive won't you? What are some good books you've read lately?

So It Doesn't Look Like Much...

07 December 2010

but it's SNOW and I'm happy. This was actually taken Sunday morning after a few light flurries on Saturday. You can see where the sun is that it melted rather quickly.

I went Christmas shopping today and I only have two people left to shop for! I love shopping for gifts. I was having a fun time. Plus I bought coordinating wrapping.

Recently I've been procrastinating on my work (some of it's due at 11:30pm tonight)..... I just bought nachos for a snack. I've been craving them for an hour and after talking with my roommate for half an hour about possible futures for human/transhuman life I decided I would cave, get the chips, type a quick post, then do homework.

Do you love postponing everyday life for Christmas fever like I do? I'm caroling at a retirement home on Thursday night and possibly ringing bells for the salvation army charity at a local supermarket. I'm ready for lots of holiday cheer. Can you tell?

Take some time to relax & grab a mug of tea (or you know, the less cute route of nachos & cheese) and sit back and watch your favorite show.

If you have a spare 2:05 listen to this wonderful rendition of Baby It's Cold Outside.

Christmas Time is Here

06 December 2010

I'm beginning to get distracted by thoughts of sugar plums dancing in my head. Oh right that's another twenty days away. Right now my thoughts are scrambled with presentations, projects, units, and tests.

Two presentations were completed this morning with two more to go tomorrow. Today will be over-the-top busy....just like yesterday (over eight hours in libraries yesterday - say what?!). Fortunately most of my Crazy (with a capital C) for this week is over by Wednesday evening. Then Finals week happens.

Luckily winter break is right around the corner! I want to decorate so badly but lack the funds to do it. I do have a little Christmas tree as you can see in the picture above adorned with lights, candy canes, and ornaments. It adds a nice bit of cheer to the apartment for the season.

I need Christmas music playing, cookies baking, and gifts to be wrapping right about now. Just a few weeks and I'm starting to feel it.

Have a wonderful Monday & hope you can keep happy holiday thoughts in your head at the start of this week!

Wish List

04 December 2010

My current wish list?
  • Time with the fiancĂ©
  • Money galore to eat out.
  • Vanishing homework... you mean I have to complete all of it??
  • Cute gift wrap so my present will look super cute.
  • Two additional hours in each and every day for a nap.
Yeah, that sounds about right.  There's one more week of classes before exams coming up that everyone here needs to power through. This means posting will be sporadic.  ... and has been sporadic. 

I'm starting to crave pizza & mexcian food like nothing else and I wouldn't say no to a fancy drink either.

It sounds like a great way to relive stress. I think try to eat all my problems away sometimes.... :) 

What are ways you manage stress?

So I don't forget, here are my reasons to smile as well (tell me yours too!):
-I'm fortunate enough to be at a school I love
-My sixth graders have been awesome this semester!
-A three week breather is right around the corner
-My Macbook Pro is saving my butt
-Possible free engagement photos

Bigs & Littles

01 December 2010

I know I've mentioned Circle K on here before but I'll let you in on a secret.... I was skeptical of one of our "recruitment techniques" this semester. For the first time ever we decided to start a Bigs and Littles program.

I did not like the idea of our club being in any way related to a sorority or fraternity. Yes, I know that greek organizations can do a lot of good, but the fact of the matter is that at my university they're mostly known for their parties. Sure, they do community service but only to get school money to pay.... for alcohol.  At least, that's their rep.  We do have a few awesome Greek Orgs that do as they should and honestly help the community though to be fair.

Anyways, as an officer I was obligated to become a Big and I didn't like the idea.  We were basing our Big/Little pickings off of a one page survey. I was skeptical.

Turns out, I was wrong. I love both of my Littles and I can't believe how much I have in common with each of them. They're incredibly kind and helpful (as any one in Circle K is) and I'm so glad that this program is helping me to talk to more members in our club and truly get to know them.

They're each awesome young ladies and I hope they decide to stay with Circle K throughout their college career and volunteer in the community for years to come.

Moral of the story: Don't stick to assumptions.  Things can turn out amazing if you just give them the chance.

PS - Giveaway at Jill of All Trades.
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