31 January 2011

Today I'm daydreaming about blue skies with a few white, fluffy clouds. I'm dreaming about going on a picnic with my sweetheart and walking a dog. In this dream we have a cute little house in a cute little neighborhood from which we can walk to work.

Some days though, the sky will be overcast, you'll be backed up with work, and you'll have to wait for everything you want.

That's ok. One day, all the dreams will be reality.

For now, I'm smiling because:

  • I finally got to meet up with a friend today!
  • There is no field trip this weekend, the only time in a six week period. 
  • My Little gave me a "Do You Know Your Groom?" quiz book. 
  • CKI was amazing tonight.
  • My fiance made me cookies last night after a rough day
  • The president of CKI and I can get coffee tomorrow.
  • My other Little will be meeting with me on Wednesday afternoon!
  • All in all, there's always tomorrow but we need to find joy in today
What are your reasons to smile?

Etsy for a Cure

Hello everyone! Happy Monday. 

I have opened up an etsy site after inspiration from Alexanne's etsy site. I'm no professional photographer, but I hope to raise some money for Relay for Life.

The American Cancer Society is a foundation that raises money to help find a cure for cancer. Relay for Life is a way for everyone to get involved. We have an all day (and all night event) and we raise awareness and funding for cancer. 

Currently I'm aiming to raise $200 for the cause. If you'd be interested in helping, check out my etsy site here to buy a photo (the proceeds go to Relay) or make a straight donation at my Relay page. Any donations help! 

You may know that I lost my mom to brain cancer just after my freshman year of college. I was 18. I hope that one day we can find a cure and help keep families together for longer. This is my post from last year's Relay and if you can't donate, consider volunteering at a cancer fundraiser in your own area. 

Happy Monday all!

Sunday 101

30 January 2011

I've been continuing work on my 101 in 1001! This week wasn't quite as much progress as I'd like, but sometimes academia has to take the front seat. Plus, my sister called me this week asking if I'd like to do CPR certification as a course (that's on my list!) so hopefully that'll be taken care of in February sometime....

1. Take one photo a day.

28. Start each morning with some beauty. I've been tweeting each day with a picture that I find beautiful.

30. Work out at least three times each week. This week I was a little afraid I wouldn't get this in. I meant to go last Sunday but got kind of lazy after my field trip. Then Monday was super busy along with Wednesday and Friday. Fortunately I still went to yoga and did a dance/aerobics class with a girlfriend. Then yesterday's hike through the underbrush kept me in shape. Whew!

31. Do yoga once a week. Tuesday evening may become my yoga evening. This week we held warrior pose so long that my legs were quaking in the car ride home. How embarrassing!

33. Do more DIY projects. This week I made earrings and little letter frames. I'll show you those sometime this week!

*ps - Does anyone else know "Swarly"?

Geology Field Trip

29 January 2011

Well, I'm exhausted. I'll be back in shape tomorrow with another Sunday 101 post but tonight - sleep!

See you all in the morning. :)

Snow Daze

27 January 2011

Yesterday, starting around noon, we had a tremendous snowfall. The University ended up canceling classes from 2pm onward and today we don't begin classes until 12pm. Of course... this isn't K12, snow just means classes being made up on different days.

Last night I saw one of my girlfriends.  She was catching me up on her life and we talked about dogs (I want one so bad), guys, careers, and travel. Then I watched Despicable Me with my apartment roomies. Good movie! I love the youngest girl so dang much. All she wants is fluffy unicorn! How cute is that?

Today will be spent try to find some DIY projects on the internet and daydreaming about possible Valentine's Day parties....

What do you do when you find yourself with a day off? 

Wedding Wednesday

26 January 2011

Noah and I have been engaged for two months now and I'm loving it. I love him and I am so excited about planning our lives together! I'll be tying in some wedding ideas here occasionally and I would of course love to hear your suggestions and about your experiences! 

Right now we're looking at July of 2012 (we're waiting until I graduate with my Masters) so on the bright side we have plenty of time to plan! We currently have no set ideas about themes, colors, or location so you can see we have lots of decisions to make. Until we decide I'll probably be putting up posts with different themes to them. This one is centered around purple and yellow (iconically our school colors). 

I love the hues in this bouquet! Purple has always been my favorite color so I'm always a little bias towards it, but I think the yellow compliments it very well.

I love the lighting in this photo. We're leaning towards an outdoor wedding right now but I would love to hang these round lights from trees or in a wide, white tent.

I love photos and personalizing events so this would be such a wonderful idea for me! The guests take photos as they come in and they can dress up in silly ways while signing the photos with well wishes. I think it'd be too cute to make a scrapbook of these photos for later years!

This would probably be a near perfect combination of Noah and me. I like simple and he likes traditional - we'll see how that works out! I think this would be lovely, outdoors but not too worried about the weather... The pop of color just brings it all together in a classy but fun way. 

What did you like (or dislike!) about weddings you've been to - or your own wedding? 

*all of these photos are from The Knot's website.

Good Day!

Well, everyone here was sort of crossing their fingers for a snow day last night and it just sort of flopped. It's gray, wet, and cold looking outside but we're all heading to class anyways. You know what? I'm sort of ok with this.

I don't know why some days it's easy to be in a good mood and others you feel like hiding under the covers but this morning was a good one. I even had to get up and do work and I still am feeling good about it (technically I should be looking up Early Cambrian beds in Rodinia but.....). 

Of course it helps that on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday my first class is at 10:10am. Just woke up at 7am, made myself some coffee, and got to work. No problem! I guess for me snow days are more of a bad thing than a good thing. If I have labs cancelled I just have to make them up on the weekends - no thanks! Or, God forbid it snows on a weekend because that means a field trip will be rescheduled for another weekend which means I'll likely have one on Saturday and another one on Sunday. No one wants that right? 

If you'll do me a favor, just keep wishing warm thoughts this way! I know some of you out in CA have 70 degree weather, and well, I'm a little jealous! 

Do you like snow days or would you rather get right into work and go about your day?

PS - Isn't that little pup just too cute? I can't wait til I have one someday.

DIY Earrings

25 January 2011

Yesterday evening I made earrings out of buttons. I got the tutorial from Haley's blog Life is Sweet.

They were so easy to make! All you need is:

  • earring posts
  • earring backings
  • buttons
  • hot glue gun (with glue)
Just glue the posts onto the back of the earrings. How easy is that?

Literally took five minutes to do all three and now I have some super cute earrings. Definitely try this one for yourself!

Reasons to Smile

24 January 2011

Well, It's Monday morning and the weekend was way too short. So..... before class I wanted to list some of my reasons to smile.

  • the word fiancĂ© makes me smile and giggle
  • first class on Monday isn't until 10:10
  • yoga and a dance class are lined up for the week
  • I've been reading book after book this month
  • I have some DIY ideas inspired by other bloggers 
  • CKI is having it's first meeting tonight (I love my fellow volunteers!)
  • My roomies & I ordered Chinese last night and we got to hang out together
  • One field trip down!
  • The blogosphere is full of inspiring, happy people. I love it.
What are your reasons to smile this Monday morning?

Ways to Give: Cancer

23 January 2011

I saw this on Yes and Yes this evening and I wanted to share.

If you buy a photo from this etsy site (Photos for Life) then 100% of the proceeds will go to the Canadian Cancer Foundation.  The tragedy of cancer will forever be close to my heart and for me this is a very worthwhile cause. 

Sunday 101

Time to catch up on my aspirations for 101 in 1001! I must say that checking in on myself each week is a great way to keep my goals in mind. Unfortunately.... I sort of failed at Goal #1 this week. I didn't take a photo each day. In fact, I completely forgot until yesterday when I had my camera out for our geology field trip... So, this week we'll be short a few photos but hopefully this next week I'll be a little more on top of things!

Day 1 - I made a paper crane for Sandy's 1000 Paper Crane Mission. The word I put on my crane's wing was "Kindness".  While studying in the library one day I left it on top of the newspaper stand. I hope someone found it, but I'll never know.

Day 2 - I took a picture of my Kindle. While it's nothing overly artsy, I just wanted to put a picture up since I've been handling it and reading every single day. As a person who loved paperback novels in my hand I'm very pleasantly surprised with how wonderful this e-reading is.

Day 3 - Frosted Mini-Wheats. This is my attempt at a healthier breakfast (at least.... healthier than Smorez Cereal). They also saved my butt on my field trip yesterday along with some Milk Duds that my awesome roommate left for me. Sweet!

Day 7 - (See the jump in days here?). A view from Massanutten Mountain on our geology field trip yesterday. I contemplated putting up a picture of Hummocky Cross Bedding in a Sandstone for you but I thought the view might be a little more appreciated.


#19 - Attend a Yoga Class. Complete. I feel like I just needed to tell you all that I would go in order to have the courage to just go to a class.

#28 - Start each morning with some beauty. This is going strong! I try to post on twitter each morning a photo that is beautiful or inspiring to me. It gets me in a better mood to start the day.

#29 - Make 5 Cranes for the 1000 Paper Crane Mission. 1 Crane completed! I'm looking forward to doing more of these.

#30 - Workout at least 3 times a week.  I went a little overboard on this last week. It's important to get exercise in but it's also important to know your limits. My body just barely recovered in time for the 8 hour field trip yesterday. I must say though that the gym, yoga, yogalates, kick boxing, and dancing classes were all tons of fun even if one may have totally owned me. :)

#31- Do Yoga at least once a week. Since this was just started, technically only week 3 has been accomplished. I think I'll try to do a class with the university's gym once a week though.

How are your aspirations coming? You can do it! 

Happy Weekend!

21 January 2011

I'm not sure if I'll be able to get a post in tomorrow or not.  I'll be out in 30 degree weather (that's the high) while looking at rocks in the field! Think warm thoughts for me!

Have a very happy weekend! Take some time to relax.

What are your reasons to smile this week?

Dance Like Nobody's Watching! {Literally}

20 January 2011

Tonight I went to The Groove which is a basic choreography class with a friend. I'm so glad she invited me! Although my body has been just plain aching all day long it was still worth it. 

The first thing our instructor told us was that there was no "wrong" way to do this. Each song would have two basic moves that we would be doing. The moves were easy but after you did different moves for an hour you realized that you actually had a workout! There were different knee lifts, pumping, drum beats, and sensuous walks. At different points we were told to close our eyes, stand in place, and dance like we would in our living room when there was no one to watch us. It was a great way to work out, laugh, and have fun. I think it was a great exercise for body and spirit. 

If there's any chance that there is something like this in your area, I highly suggest you jump on board - you won't regret it! 

What's the most fun you've had in a workout?

Honesty Hurts.... So Does My Body

19 January 2011

Time to be honest blogosphere: kick boxing totally kicked my butt. I mean, WOW. 

I feel pretty darn exhausted. My body just is not prepared to jump and squat four times a second! Ok, well maybe it just felt like four times a second. It was CRAZY. I mean there were punches, squats, jumps, jumping jacks, fast feet, and all at double time. I think I've loathed the words double time since tai bao in middle school.

This tells me that I'm honestly not in good enough shape to jump into an "intermediate to challenging choreography" class. That's ok.  

I'm proud of myself for trying something new but I just need to work out a little more to get into shape. I'm signed up now for a Latin Dance class tomorrow. We'll see whether or not my body is protesting me then.... I'm very fortunate to have friends who support me and keep encouraging me. I'm not sure I'd be able to keep up all this exercise without them! Thanks to my girl Kara for asking me to go. :)

Have you ever done something that started off too challenging but you worked your way up? Is it hard for you to admit to yourself that you're not quite ready the way it is for me?

18 January 2011

Ok, so I just did a huge spiel on my beliefs and on the beauty of religions to me but I think it was a little long-winded. Check out this Interfaith Youth Core website to get an idea of what I'm talking about.

I hope you're all having a fantastic Tuesday!

My reasons to smile today are:

  • My 8am was cancelled because of snow!
  • Yoga went well yesterday
  • I am doing yogalates (yes that's yoga AND pilates) with my sister tonight
  • My friend invited me to go with her to a Kick-Boxing class tomorrow
  • I've had some self re-discovery time today
  • My professor has put me down as an author on a Conodont Biostratigraphy paper with him because of the research work I've done that has supported it
What are your reasons to smile today?

Thoughts on Religion

Well, I was going through blogs today over lunch and I read Megan's post about her views on religion (she's doing the Thirty Days of Truth).  I found myself agreeing with many of her opinions and I wanted to share some things with you all too.

I will say this as a disclaimer: I think all religions are beautiful, and anything I say is not meant to be a knock at any religion, only the story of my journey thus far. This is a long one so if you're in a rush I highly recommend you skip down to the last three paragraphs. I won't bring religion up often, so bear with me, I just wanted to write out my thoughts. 

To begin, I was raised as a Christian and we went to church (non-denominational) every Sunday, went to every youth group, and I read my bible. That last there, reading the Bible, is something I greatly thank my church for to this day. I know far too many people that haven't read or tried to really understand their religion and my church always pushed for us to read on our own and come in with questions so that everyone could grow together.  In fact, I would probably say my church's motto is "We agree to disagree". The only common factor for everyone there is that they believe Jesus is the savior. 

I by no means no everything about Christianity, in fact, since I have gained knowledge I only recognize how truly little I do know.  One day I'd like to continue courses on Christianity (particularly the New Testament) so that I can better understand the intricacies of the faith. Although, I'll say I've read at least a chapter or two in every book of the Bible and several books I've read more than once. I took a course on world religions, the old testament, the new testament, and a course on morality and God. Basically, I know enough to be confident when I talk about Christianity in general terms and with the average person. 

When I got to college, I was already struggling a little bit with my faith. See, in early high school I was zealous. I was by no means fundamentalist, I was just in awe of the inspiring pieces of the Christian faith.  Then.... as I read more, I found myself disagreeing with bits. Nothing too big but there with things I didn't like. See, that's a key word. Like. That one word caused me lots of questioning about beliefs and why we have them. Do we believe something because we feel it's true? Because we agree with it? Because we like to think the world (or God, or time, etc.) is a certain way? Because we hope it is?

To this day I'm not sure exactly why we believe what we believe. I sort of think now that it's a mixture of all those reasons.  That's actually why I had to stop "being" Christian. It wasn't anything that the church did and I don't really call it my choice. Once you stop believing something you can't really force yourself back into it again. I'm not sure I've ever tried to even explain this to anyone.  Once I started piecing together things that I just couldn't let go of and couldn't agree with I had to start asking myself what I would do about it. It was so HARD for me to question this in my mind. For a Christian, it is as if you're giving up salvation. 

For now I'll just stick to one the thing that first caught me up. This was that the essence of being a Christian means that you believe Jesus Christ is the savior and that he died on the cross for your sins.  That means the only way into heaven is to believe that Jesus died for you (aka to be a Christian). For me, it was just too heartbreaking to see a God who would turn people away simply because they found it difficult to believe in this concept.  Nearly all the Christians I know were brought up that way (I do know a few converts) and it's easy to believe when you are taught the faith. However, I started meeting friends who believed in other faiths and some who had no faith at all and I began questioning if God would damn them to hell simply because they weren't taught that Jesus (a guy from 2,000 years ago) died on a cross as God's son (how in the world can God have a son?) to save us from our sins (how does a man dying save me from my sins?). Just because they had doubts didn't make them less worthy of heaven to me. We were made to question and think! Why else would God give us brains?

Today people are very scientific in nature and we want evidence before we commit to changing our belief systems. To me, this is understandable. Would a God who sacrificed so much to save people really turn people away because it was hard to trust a book?  Again, these were just questions in my faith journey and are not meant to hurt any Christian readers.  We all have struggles. To me, God is love and that love will shine forth for all people. I do not know if there is a God or if there's not, but I know that while there is destruction on this earth there is also great beauty and love. For me, it is undeniable and maybe love in it's own way is a piece of God, the soul, the atman.

Eventually I came to the conclusion that I needed to learn more. That's how I ended up with a religion minor actually. My freshman year of college I took World Religions and I must give my professor oodles and oodles of credit here because he really opened my eyes. 

Every religion was presented in it's absolute best light. He had us read Huston Smith's The World Religions and it was lovely. We started with Hinduism and worked our way through Buddhism, Islam, Judaism, and Christianity. All of the religions focused around what the Jews call the Shema, or Christianity's Deuteronomy 6:5 {Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and all your strength}.  If you boil each religion down, the heart of it is so beautiful it will make your heart sing.  

I think it's important to understand at least pieces of each religion so that miscommunications won't be as common as they are now. Just because some so-called Christians protest funerals badtalking homosexuality does not mean all Christians have such mean intents. Even though the terrorists who flew planes on 9/11 were called muslim does not mean all muslims are terrorists (nor all Arab people). Religion is supposed to be beautiful.  A person's faith inspires and affects so much of who they are! That's the problem with logic for me, it fails to take people's emotions, thoughts, and beliefs into account.   That's also why religion is so wonderful. 

I'll never be able to shed my Christian upbringing and I wouldn't if I could. Our experiences make us. I just hope that everyone of every faith can learn to show the love that religion is truly all about. We get so caught up in all of the little details that we sometimes can't see the big picture about love and kindness. 

I think religion could be a way to bring people together to make the world a better place but we just have to open ourselves up to that possibility. I think my professor nailed it freshman year (while talking about Hindu beliefs about other religions), "We are all standing on different sides at a base of a mountain. We are all climbing upwards towards the same goal, the mountain top, we are just using different paths to get there." I think it would be a beautiful world if all religions pushed such a philosophy.  Now, I don't think Coexistence is actually the best way to go about this. That almost implies we just 'put up' with one another. Instead I think we should actively pursue empathy, kindness, and a helpful nature towards one another to help make this world a happier and better place. 

I think by studying the religions of the world my mind and heart have been opened to more people. I will say that Christianity played an integral role in opening myself to beauty and love. My empathy for others and my understanding of belief stem from that upbringing. Although I cannot truly call myself a Christian currently, I can say that it's beauty allowed me to be a better person and to be a lover of faith, hope, and compassion. 

I apologize for this being quite long but I feel better writing it out. I hope it was understood to be representative of a hope for the world and a personal story. I think finding the beauty in your own religion is the best thing you can do as an individual, then pass that beauty and love around. 

Love From Me Project

17 January 2011

I saw this on Kate's Chronicles of a Country Girl blog today and thought immediately that I must share it with you all!

The Love From Me Project is calling all photographers (amateurs and professionals) to submit photos to be put into calendars, books, and cards to raise money for cancer.

"All proceeds from the project will be donated to the Rose Fund c/o the Health Services Foundation in Bridgewater, Nova Scotia. This is a registered charity created to help cancer patients deal with financial difficulties. You can read the story behind the Rose Fund here."

Take the time to either submit a photo or pass on word of this project to others.  It's for an excellent cause!

*edit* I fixed the link for the Love From Me Project. It worked yesterday evening but not this morning. Let me know if it doesn't work now!

Today at noon I had my yoga mat slung over my shoulder while I was walking to the studio. Fortunately, Noah agreed to go with me for this first time so I wouldn't be too nervous.

It was a very nice time! There were birch floors with lamplight and a mirrored-wall. The instructor (a girl from the University's gym) put on some soft music and led us through the different poses. I did find that knowing the poses helped, I didn't have to look up at her all the time as she said "Downward Facing Dog" or "Child's Pose". 

Noah and I both found ourselves a tad stiff after the course but I also feel much more relaxed. I tend to be in a completely different mood once I do yoga or study religion. Those two things always take my mind down paths of calm and openness. 

Do you do yoga? Have you ever done a group class? Do you do it to relax or stretch?

PS - Did you make a crane or note yet?

Sunday 101

16 January 2011

Week 2 of 101 in 1001 is now complete

{Hopefully tomorrow I can do yoga as well as this guy!}

This week I started in on #12 (Write a Letter to a Child) from Make a Child Smile.

Continued on with #9 (Read at least 2 books a month). January is most definitely complete for this goal!

#28 (Start Each Morning with some Beauty) has been started and I must say I like it so far. It's nice to start mornings off with some inspiration!

#31 is going well now that the semester has started. We have an awesome gym but it's overly crowded right now. I'm signing up for some classes this week too with friends that are physical in nature.

Hopefully next week I'll be able to tell you that #19 has been accomplished. This is "Take a Yoga Class". I've done yoga before on my own following DVDs but I've never been to a group class. I'm signed up for one tomorrow (and if I like it I'll do one on Tuesday as well). Wish me luck, I'm a little nervous since I've never done it with other people before.

Also, #1 has been continued which is Take One Photo Each day.  I did miss one day this week so 5 & 6 are actually from the same day. Oops. Sometimes it slips my mind but it's nice to make the effort to capture a piece of life each day.

Day 1: My photo mug of Noah playing trombone
Day 2: My Starbucks Gold Card
Day 3: Snow!!
Day 4: Farm Market
Day 5: Sunset at Festival
Day 6: Inside one of our dining halls
Day 7: Flags hanging in the Kennedy Center

Hope you've had a marvelous weekend! How are your resolutions going?

Make Someone Else Smile

I left you with a few links the other day to some sites that could help you see a little more happiness in the world.  Yes and Yes posted about a woman's project called 1000 Paper Cranes.  She hopes to fold 1000 paper cranes (she's on #162 currently) and each has an inspirational word on it's wing to help bring happiness to people who randomly stumble across them.

I think this is a prime example of what we could all be doing. I make lists periodically about my reasons to smile but I think it is just as important to help take care of other people. In fact, I've had my own experience with this.

When we were freshman, I ate with my sister at a dining hall on campus. After talking about courses and our club organizations for a while she reached for a napkin. The napkin underneath had writing on it. We picked it up and looked at it and it was a paragraph about the worth of any person.  Along with an inspirational quote it talked about working through challenges and seeing the bright side of life with people you care about.  I'm pretty sure my sister still has that napkin.

A gesture such as the cranes or the napkin doesn't need to take longer than a single minute of your life but it can mean so much to another person. 

Let's make a goal today. Write a note (post-it, on an origami piece, on a notecard....) and leave it for another, random stranger to find (on a park bench, in a library book, in a napkin holder).  It will take you seconds but to someone it could mean the world. 

Don't believe me? Click here to see just one of the letters a "crane-finder" has sent to Sandy, the creator of the 1000 Crane Mission.  Or, if you want to help on the Crane Mission, check out Sandy's page!

Kennedy Center: South Pacific

15 January 2011

I've been somewhat absent today as Noah & I visited our nation's capital, Washington DC, to see South Pacific on stage. 

I wish I had my camera with me to take some photos but I knew from our last experience that you couldn't take any photos from inside the stage area. We had a great time together watching the musical though (I had never seen South Pacific before). 

Hope you're having a wonderful weekend! I'm kinda pooped so I'll catch up with everyone tomorrow.

Do you have a favorite musical? Do you prefer live music or recorded? 

Giveaway Winner

The giveaway winner is Megan Flynn! Congratulations Megan, I hope you enjoy The Hunger Games
(contact me at allisonmseward {at} so I can get your address)

Fireflies and Smiles

14 January 2011

Today is your last chance to enter the giveaway! I'll be posting a winner tomorrow.

This made me smile yesterday evening and I wanted to share it with you all. It's "Fireflies" on harp and it's beautiful. I think it's important to keep a healthy appreciation for music and the arts when so many school systems are trying to cut such programs. 

I hope you enjoyed it too.

Also, Megan from Freckled Italian is doing a giveaway for a Regina Spektor CD. Go check her out!

Today I've been able to appreciate the things in my life that make it a little more joyful.

  • For the first time this semester I was able to get on my favorite machine at the gym (it's been packed since the New Year). 
  • Coffee from my favorite barista
  • A healthy dose of geology
  • Good friends
  • Finding wonderful music to read by
  • Back massages
  • Listening to My Funny Valentine on piano (Noah used to play this for me when we were first dating)
What are your reasons to smile today?

No, really, take a step back and think of at least THREE things right now that you're thankful for today. Even if you don't post them, just take the time to let them sink into your head a little. There, isn't that better?

Ps - I  love puppies.  Dawn posted about her pooch and made my heart melt. I'm hoping a special guy will consider it as a graduation gift after my Masters. 

Being Positive

13 January 2011


I wanted to share with you some nice sites from around the internet. If you need a pick me up just click on one!

Just Made My Day
-You can submit something that someone did which made your day better!

Beauty in Everything
-different photographs each day that are awe-inspiring

Free Hugs Campaign
-If you haven't heard of this campaign, watch the 2 minute video.  It'll make you smile, I promise.

Random Acts of Kindness
-Suggests small ways for you to help others

They say a person needs just three things to be truly happy in this world. Someone to love, something to do, and something to hope for.

-Tom Bodett


{In honor of my first reason to smile - see below}

There is a lot going on. Whole bunches of positive raining down on me today. 

Whew! What a day. Hinduism was at 8 o'clock this morning and I've decided to take this course and use it as a lesson for myself. I need to step back and slow down sometimes. My professor is Indian and he speak very slowly. He won't even start the lectures on Hinduism until Tuesday of next week.  I found myself willing him to speak faster until I realized that I don't always need to keep pushing myself.

Do you ever find that you can't sit still? I know sometimes I complain about being busy but then when I get a chance to sit back and relax I feel twitchy because I'm not doing anything. I wonder if I enjoy being busy or if society has drilled into me that to succeed I have to be moving, moving, moving. 

Reasons to Smile: 
  • I am officially a Starbucks Gold member (remember that time in summer when I went every day because my internet was down?)
  • Met up with a friend for coffee
  • Stuffed my face with Mexican food with Noah
  • There is a possibility of seeing South Pacific at the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC this weekend
  • There is one more day for the giveaway
  • The Kindle has made reading my course documents a breeze!
  • I've met a bunch of new blog friends this week!
  • Being featured at Red Boots for her Reasons to Smile series. 
What are your reasons to smile today?

Hello to All!

12 January 2011

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We had snow in Virginia yesterday in the late afternoon.  There were some gigantic flakes that floated down to the earth which were beautiful but it was still freezing outside. Fortunately I could stay in the apartment and read before Noah took me to get some Cadbury Eggs (I can't explain to you the surprise and joy I felt at seeing these candies in the store in January). Have you ever tried Cadbury Eggs? Or do you have a favorite seasonal candy? Candy canes are pretty high up there too!

Some of you have asked about the Kindle and my opinion on how it reads compared to a regular hard or paperback book.  So far.... I love it. I read for hours at night just like I did with books.  My eyes have not hurt from the screen. In fact, it is honestly unlike any screen I have seen before.  There is no backlight so it doesn't have that bright glow that most screens do and the words look like they're on the page of a book. When you're reading this, right now, on your computer it has the look and feel of computer script, but the kindle's type looks like that of a printed novel. 

Currently I'm reading the Mortal Instruments prequel {for fun} and Drawing on the Right Side of Your Brain {for a geology course}. The book for my class is supposed to teach me to "see" (a.k.a. make observations about landscapes) and draw better. I am no artist so we'll see how much I progress while reading the assigned article!

Reason to smile - I didn't need to print of a 52 page article, instead I can carry it around electronically.

{This is about the level of my artistic abilities}

Anyone have tips for drawing out there? Or anyone else have some opinions on e-readers? Hope you Wednesday is going well!

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