31 January 2011

Today I'm daydreaming about blue skies with a few white, fluffy clouds. I'm dreaming about going on a picnic with my sweetheart and walking a dog. In this dream we have a cute little house in a cute little neighborhood from which we can walk to work.

Some days though, the sky will be overcast, you'll be backed up with work, and you'll have to wait for everything you want.

That's ok. One day, all the dreams will be reality.

For now, I'm smiling because:

  • I finally got to meet up with a friend today!
  • There is no field trip this weekend, the only time in a six week period. 
  • My Little gave me a "Do You Know Your Groom?" quiz book. 
  • CKI was amazing tonight.
  • My fiance made me cookies last night after a rough day
  • The president of CKI and I can get coffee tomorrow.
  • My other Little will be meeting with me on Wednesday afternoon!
  • All in all, there's always tomorrow but we need to find joy in today
What are your reasons to smile?

1 comment:

Ashley said...

Mmm... cookies from your husband? That's great! :)

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