Happy Weekend!

21 January 2011

I'm not sure if I'll be able to get a post in tomorrow or not.  I'll be out in 30 degree weather (that's the high) while looking at rocks in the field! Think warm thoughts for me!

Have a very happy weekend! Take some time to relax.

What are your reasons to smile this week?


Haley K said...

one of the first things that I think of that makes me smile is coming to you lovely space and seeing that beautiful picture of that girl in flowers...her shoes!!! I want them. nope, I need them :) I also smile thinking about my little boy getting better, hopefully sooner than later. And thinking about the hubs coming home and making breakfast for dinner (2nd night in a row) and watching Inception definitely puts a smile on my face. yessssssss!

Warm thoughts coming your way Alli!

Jenni Austria Germany said...

i love the shoes in that photo :)

Kimbirdy said...

brrr! well, maybe you can soak in a super hot bath, cuddle under a blanket, and drink your favorite hot drink when you get home. happy weekend!

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