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12 January 2011

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We had snow in Virginia yesterday in the late afternoon.  There were some gigantic flakes that floated down to the earth which were beautiful but it was still freezing outside. Fortunately I could stay in the apartment and read before Noah took me to get some Cadbury Eggs (I can't explain to you the surprise and joy I felt at seeing these candies in the store in January). Have you ever tried Cadbury Eggs? Or do you have a favorite seasonal candy? Candy canes are pretty high up there too!

Some of you have asked about the Kindle and my opinion on how it reads compared to a regular hard or paperback book.  So far.... I love it. I read for hours at night just like I did with books.  My eyes have not hurt from the screen. In fact, it is honestly unlike any screen I have seen before.  There is no backlight so it doesn't have that bright glow that most screens do and the words look like they're on the page of a book. When you're reading this, right now, on your computer it has the look and feel of computer script, but the kindle's type looks like that of a printed novel. 

Currently I'm reading the Mortal Instruments prequel {for fun} and Drawing on the Right Side of Your Brain {for a geology course}. The book for my class is supposed to teach me to "see" (a.k.a. make observations about landscapes) and draw better. I am no artist so we'll see how much I progress while reading the assigned article!

Reason to smile - I didn't need to print of a 52 page article, instead I can carry it around electronically.

{This is about the level of my artistic abilities}

Anyone have tips for drawing out there? Or anyone else have some opinions on e-readers? Hope you Wednesday is going well!


Kimbirdy said...

oh i loooove my books. but i really could have used a kindle in grad school. we had a ton of those long articles as well, so i lugged around my heavy laptop all over the city. it would have been perfect to just take a kindle. how awesome!

R! said...

Come check out my blog:

cool post! :)

Abby said...

I'm getting a Kindle as a birthday present in a few months! I can't wait! It seems just so convenient to carry around.

Jenn W said...

saw your tweet. i would've loved to have a kindle for reading pdf files...maybe then i would've actually read them!
i love cadbury eggs! yumm.. very surprised to hear they are in stores already, guess it's never too early for delicious candy :)

Linda said...

I thought you were referring to the Mortal Engines series, which I love:

Interesting about your kindle.

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

I want a Kindle so bad!

Cheryl said...

Love my Kindle, too!!! Thanks for visiting my blog.

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