17 January 2011

Today at noon I had my yoga mat slung over my shoulder while I was walking to the studio. Fortunately, Noah agreed to go with me for this first time so I wouldn't be too nervous.

It was a very nice time! There were birch floors with lamplight and a mirrored-wall. The instructor (a girl from the University's gym) put on some soft music and led us through the different poses. I did find that knowing the poses helped, I didn't have to look up at her all the time as she said "Downward Facing Dog" or "Child's Pose". 

Noah and I both found ourselves a tad stiff after the course but I also feel much more relaxed. I tend to be in a completely different mood once I do yoga or study religion. Those two things always take my mind down paths of calm and openness. 

Do you do yoga? Have you ever done a group class? Do you do it to relax or stretch?

PS - Did you make a crane or note yet?


Kimbirdy said...

i love yoga. it's pretty much what saved my life during the very stressful month before my wedding! i wish i could go to a real life class, but they're just too expensive. so i use myyogaonline. it's only $10 a month and has a ton of different types and lengths of yoga. definitely a winner if you can't afford a gym.

ASHLEY K. said...

I love yoga, I do it both to relax and stretch!
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Jordanna said...

Hey Alli! I've gotten so behind on reading my favorite blogs... trying to get caught up on yours! Sorry I haven't been commenting :( but I love your twitters and still love your cute and inspiring blog!

And I've never done yoga. I'm kinda nervous about it - I heard you have to be careful not to hurt yourself, and I definitely would not call myself flexible :). I would like to try it sometime, though. I bet it is super relaxing! Way to try it out. Go girl!

Linda said...

I did a lot of yoga when I lived in France as a student. We used to have classes out of doors - bliss!

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