Sunday 101

09 January 2011

This past week I can say that I began work on my 101 in 1001. These are my goals for the next two years or so.... So far numbers 1 (daily photos), 9 (read 2 books a month), 16 (eat at a new place), 22 (host a giveaway), 24 (buy an e-reader), and 27 (find 100 geocaches) have been worked on! Of course many of these are long-term goals that will need to be completed each week. 

So far, my favorite to complete has been a combo of "read at least two books each month" and "buy an e-reader".  Noah sort of talked me into the latter. After lugging at least ten books with me home and another ten back it was pretty easy for him to talk me into, get this, a Kindle.  That's right, I've gone electronic. The only thing I really miss is the smell of books {does that make any sense?}.  My shelves are full and overflowing, and while one day I hope to have a study/mini-library of sorts I'm tired having books being on my floor, on my dresser, under my bed, and on my desk. For now, there's simply no space. I love my Kindle so far and if you travel & like reading I might suggest you look into one. 

#1 This first edition of Week-in-Photos is a little short because I didn't start this project until a few days into the week.  

Day 1: We walked downtown
Day 2: Bandit, Noah's family dog
Day 3: Geocaching, found a historic site where a church used to be
Day 4: Noah's car with a light frosting of snow

Make sure to check out the giveaway


Erin said...

Great goals! I'd like to do the photo thing with you, Alli... But can you give me a week to get myself more orgnaized before I join in? This week is a bit crazy, with my husband's birthday, some out-of-town relatives, and a family memorial service. Email me erinbyrne (at) yahoo (dot)com and we can discuss a plan if you like!

Happy 2nd Week of January!

Erin said...

Ugh. I see a typo now! I hate that. I meant organized, obviously!

Kimbirdy said...

aaaah! cute dog!!! this weekend dannon came home from a walk in the park and declared "i'm ready to talk about fostering a dog now." i've been thinking "dog" nonstop since saturday! :)

Café Chick said...

Cute pics! I love reading and have a pile beside my bed that continues to grow, as well as a few on my iPod touch 'just in case' I get caught somewhere without a book. Enjoy your Kindle - I'd love to hear more about how you find reading electronically as opposed to paper books.

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