Sunday 101

23 January 2011

Time to catch up on my aspirations for 101 in 1001! I must say that checking in on myself each week is a great way to keep my goals in mind. Unfortunately.... I sort of failed at Goal #1 this week. I didn't take a photo each day. In fact, I completely forgot until yesterday when I had my camera out for our geology field trip... So, this week we'll be short a few photos but hopefully this next week I'll be a little more on top of things!

Day 1 - I made a paper crane for Sandy's 1000 Paper Crane Mission. The word I put on my crane's wing was "Kindness".  While studying in the library one day I left it on top of the newspaper stand. I hope someone found it, but I'll never know.

Day 2 - I took a picture of my Kindle. While it's nothing overly artsy, I just wanted to put a picture up since I've been handling it and reading every single day. As a person who loved paperback novels in my hand I'm very pleasantly surprised with how wonderful this e-reading is.

Day 3 - Frosted Mini-Wheats. This is my attempt at a healthier breakfast (at least.... healthier than Smorez Cereal). They also saved my butt on my field trip yesterday along with some Milk Duds that my awesome roommate left for me. Sweet!

Day 7 - (See the jump in days here?). A view from Massanutten Mountain on our geology field trip yesterday. I contemplated putting up a picture of Hummocky Cross Bedding in a Sandstone for you but I thought the view might be a little more appreciated.


#19 - Attend a Yoga Class. Complete. I feel like I just needed to tell you all that I would go in order to have the courage to just go to a class.

#28 - Start each morning with some beauty. This is going strong! I try to post on twitter each morning a photo that is beautiful or inspiring to me. It gets me in a better mood to start the day.

#29 - Make 5 Cranes for the 1000 Paper Crane Mission. 1 Crane completed! I'm looking forward to doing more of these.

#30 - Workout at least 3 times a week.  I went a little overboard on this last week. It's important to get exercise in but it's also important to know your limits. My body just barely recovered in time for the 8 hour field trip yesterday. I must say though that the gym, yoga, yogalates, kick boxing, and dancing classes were all tons of fun even if one may have totally owned me. :)

#31- Do Yoga at least once a week. Since this was just started, technically only week 3 has been accomplished. I think I'll try to do a class with the university's gym once a week though.

How are your aspirations coming? You can do it! 

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Kimbirdy said...

wow, good for you getting so many of your goals underway!

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