Sunday 101

30 January 2011

I've been continuing work on my 101 in 1001! This week wasn't quite as much progress as I'd like, but sometimes academia has to take the front seat. Plus, my sister called me this week asking if I'd like to do CPR certification as a course (that's on my list!) so hopefully that'll be taken care of in February sometime....

1. Take one photo a day.

28. Start each morning with some beauty. I've been tweeting each day with a picture that I find beautiful.

30. Work out at least three times each week. This week I was a little afraid I wouldn't get this in. I meant to go last Sunday but got kind of lazy after my field trip. Then Monday was super busy along with Wednesday and Friday. Fortunately I still went to yoga and did a dance/aerobics class with a girlfriend. Then yesterday's hike through the underbrush kept me in shape. Whew!

31. Do yoga once a week. Tuesday evening may become my yoga evening. This week we held warrior pose so long that my legs were quaking in the car ride home. How embarrassing!

33. Do more DIY projects. This week I made earrings and little letter frames. I'll show you those sometime this week!

*ps - Does anyone else know "Swarly"?


Kimbirdy said...

i know swarly! that's so funny you saw it on a license plate. must be a die-hard himym fan.

Dawn said... I don't. DO tell?

Like your lists of "goals":)))
And can't wait to see what you've made!

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