Wedding Wednesday

26 January 2011

Noah and I have been engaged for two months now and I'm loving it. I love him and I am so excited about planning our lives together! I'll be tying in some wedding ideas here occasionally and I would of course love to hear your suggestions and about your experiences! 

Right now we're looking at July of 2012 (we're waiting until I graduate with my Masters) so on the bright side we have plenty of time to plan! We currently have no set ideas about themes, colors, or location so you can see we have lots of decisions to make. Until we decide I'll probably be putting up posts with different themes to them. This one is centered around purple and yellow (iconically our school colors). 

I love the hues in this bouquet! Purple has always been my favorite color so I'm always a little bias towards it, but I think the yellow compliments it very well.

I love the lighting in this photo. We're leaning towards an outdoor wedding right now but I would love to hang these round lights from trees or in a wide, white tent.

I love photos and personalizing events so this would be such a wonderful idea for me! The guests take photos as they come in and they can dress up in silly ways while signing the photos with well wishes. I think it'd be too cute to make a scrapbook of these photos for later years!

This would probably be a near perfect combination of Noah and me. I like simple and he likes traditional - we'll see how that works out! I think this would be lovely, outdoors but not too worried about the weather... The pop of color just brings it all together in a classy but fun way. 

What did you like (or dislike!) about weddings you've been to - or your own wedding? 

*all of these photos are from The Knot's website.


Kimbirdy said...

i think it all depends on the feeling your going for. i think weddings that have specific colors end up looking a lot more formal {which looks stuffy if you ask me}. but if you don't focus too much on choosing colors then you'll end up with a lot of the colors you naturally gravitate toward {like purple} without things looking too matchy matchy. then the feeling of your wedding will be more natural and cozy. of course you know me, i'm totally biased toward the non-traditional. :) it's just easy to fall into the "wedding" trap and then you loose the overall feeling you wanted your wedding to have. it's happened to so many friends of mine, that i try to give this advice. hope that helps!

i LOVE the globe lanterns!! so pretty and magical!

Erin said...

I love the round paper lanterns. I went to a wedding last summer that had them all over the ceiling and it was magical.

My wedding bouquet was a lot like the one in that photo. Lots of purply hydrangeas, and white roses. I think I had a photo of it on my guest post I did for Kim, back in September.

So exciting and so much fun to be planning a wedding. Enjoy every moment!

Haley K said...

1st of all, congrats on being engaged!!! (sorry so late...i didn't know:) So happy for you 2

2nd, purple & yellow are wonderful choices!! (our colors were deep purple, cream, and black) Loved the photos of inspiration you got! The round paper lanterns hanging in the trees looked dreamy. And I loved the idea of polaroids of your guests! One of my best friends had a photo booth for their family & friends that printed out 2 strips of the photos...1 for them to sign & leave for the bride & groom, and 1 for them to take. Love that idea :)

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