Reasons to Smile

24 February 2011

Today I'm dreaming. It was one of those mornings when you want to stay all warm and cozy under the covers.  Now, entering the evening, I'm ready to do the same. 

This semester has been rather stressful so far with field trips every weekend on top of regular courses during the weekdays. I'm fantasizing about summer. Are you? So, it seems time to focus on all the little things that have made me smile the past couple of days!

Some of the reasons to smile this week:
- Delicious, affordable Indian food on Tuesday night
- I've started volunteering at an after school program in a local K-5 school
- Darren Criss was on Glee
- 8am class on Tuesday was cancelled
- I discovered cinnamon cream cheese for bagels
- Spring break is one week away
- Several fun new blogs have been discovered
- CKI is doing a dinner social at the Indian restaurant this coming Tuesday!

All in all, not too bad! I am beginning to feel a little like I'm going through the motions but hopefully once we get on break and get some warmer weather I'll be back and ready to go! 

PS - Isn't that the cutest photo? I'd love to do a photoshoot like that!


Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

Mmm cinnamon cream cheese, yum!

The Many Colours of Happiness said...

Your blog is the cutest! Just reading about the things that make you smile made me smile :)
And yay for 8am classes being canceled!

Ashley said...

You're making me hungry for a bagel! I've never had that kind of cream cheese. And I know what you mean about snuggling back into the covers! It was storming this morning and I wanted to plop both boys back in bed with me! I'm sorry this semester is so stressful for you!

Kimbirdy said...

cheap indian food - yum! i love that. and spring break will be here soon. hang in there!! i hope you get some quiet, relaxing time this weekend.

Stacey Sargent said...

I love Indian food!! It is seriously the best, and if it is affordable that is even better!

Haley K said...

you definitely had a happy list :) Indian food, cinnamon cream cheese (yum!), and spring break definitely make me smile! And that photo gives me butterflies...i love love :)

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