Earth & Tea Cafe

26 February 2011

Yesterday evening Noah and I went downtown and grabbed some tea and Spanish lentil soup at a local cafe. It was so nice to get out of the apartment (and not for geology)! We've been here before although this was the first time since it changed hands. 

The atmosphere is amazing. They have paper lanterns hanging all around and the lights are dimmed. There are a plethora of decorations and seating styles. When you walk in you can sit at a booth, table, or on a couch (we're couch people). 

Then you choose from their menu (pretty vegetarian friendly) and their lists of teas. We had a small pot of a vanilla blend to go with our tasty soup. 

Tea or honey can be added to your tea to help adjust to your taste. 

Once in a while it's nice to get out of the house and feel like a gal in her 20s. Often times I'm afraid that I get so wrapped up in work and preparing for the future (career-wise) that I'm missing out on living life now.  It was a very nice time. 

Some things I do like planning for....Noah and I were talking over dinner tonight about where to live when we graduate. It's only a year until I walk with my Masters and then we'll be trying to scrounge around for jobs. We talked about trying to find an apartment in the downtown area of a city (possibly Richmond). We grew up in a town that was lovely but a tad small for what we're looking for. It's nice to daydream about future cafes and homes, but I'm smiling right now for the gifts in my life. 

What are your reasons to smile today?
Do you have any favorite cafes?


Jordanna said...

Alli I love these pictures! Especially the first one :) That cafe looks so cute! And I love tea :) That's something I've always wanted is a local coffee shop. We just have Starbucks. It's not quite the same, although good :). We do have one tea shop that my family likes to go to.

Hey thanks for nominating me for the Stylish Blogger Award! I will do it soon! :) What a sweet idea.

Tiq said...

Thanks for sharing the lovely pictures with us. Nice atmosphere..

Good luck with your studies and all the best !

Haley K said...

Oh Alli I loved the pictures you took! I felt like I got to sit with you guys for a minute :) I'm totally a couch person too! ;)

I'm excited to see where life takes you guys :) And i struggle with living in the "now" sometimes too, and not always looking forward to the next big thing or milestone. Now is good :)

My little boy taking his first steps tonight for me & my husband made me smile REEEEEAAALL big :)

Miss Michael said...

Mmmm, lentil soup. It looks delicious! And I agree with the other comments, the pictures are very nice. They have such warmth.

PS Very belated congratulations on your engagement!

Kimbirdy said...

i love a good local cafe! and i love living in a city where there are plenty of fun things like that all within walking distance of home. san francisco completely ruined me for most places in america where you have to drive to go out, and where there are mostly chains. i think a cute downtown area would be great for avoiding that though. there are usually lots of cute, quaint places in downtown areas. of course, you can always come out west... there's lots of geology here. ;)

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