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28 February 2011

Yesterday afternoon Noah and I drove up into the mountains and back down into their midst to visit a reservoir. Whenever I head towards West Virginia on the geology field trips (which I've done in at least three different semesters) I see this dam and reservoir. I asked my professors this Saturday about how to get to it and set my eyes on the prize. We would go.

We did.

Fortunately for us, the Sunday showers weren't supposed to happen until around 6pm which left us with ample sunny, warm weather to travel and explore in.

The reservoir had a gravel & dirt road leading down the mountainside towards it but there were no clearly marked paths. In fact, the first turnoff on the left we decided to pass because the road looked to be in even worse condition than the one we were currently on. Eventually we passed the far end of the reservoir and turned around to come back and find out we should have just taken that first turn off.

But all's well that ends well and we made it down to the lakeside. 

It was beautiful and peaceful and a fantastic way to spend one of the luxuriously warm days we've had this February. I'm just itching for summer to get here. Right now my heart is set on camping!

It was incredible to be at a dammed up lake while being surrounding by mountains on all sides. I've never experienced that before and I live in the valley. 

My reasons to smile today? Here they are!

-Beautiful weather
-Noah made stir fry yesterday for lunch
-Being published {ever heard of conodonts?}
-When it rains, cuddling is even better!
-Indian food tomorrow night!
-We might be getting new countertops for the apartment!
-Finding beauty around me


Haley K said...

What a gorgeous hike! I love the picture of you & Noah :) Thanks for taking us with you with all the pictures!

Tiq said...

Ahhh... the pictures are so calming.

That being said, I guess I need to be away from all of these hectic busy days in the city.

Thanks for sharing this with us.

Erin {pughs' news} said...

What a lovely post, Alli. That lake is gorgeous!

I like your list of reasons to smile, too. Hooray for Indian food!

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