Sunday 101

27 February 2011

{A teaser of tomorrow's post!}

Ashley from The Shine Project put up my I AM poster today! I'm challenging myself to be more adventurous. Far too often I let myself get comfortable when what I really want to do is get out and experience life. When I look back at college and my 20s I want to remember all the opportunities I took advantage of. So, a bigger goal that has no definitive boundaries is "I want to be adventurous". Thought I'd throw that out there since it's Sunday which means it's time for a 101 post!

{Another teaser! The lake's edge.}

I've been thinking about and working on my 101 in 1001 this week!  This weekend has been full of geology and adventures which I can't wait to tell you about!

#9 Read two books a month. I've realized in the past that this is very hard to accomplish during the school year. I still have to finish one book and there's what, one day left in February. Cross your fingers for a lot of reading this evening!

#16 Eat at at least one new place (or try one new food) each week. This week Noah and I tried out a local Indian restaurant that just cropped up. We loved it! It was on my list of Reasons to Smile earlier this week and I've organized for our volunteer organization to go there this coming Tuesday.

#44 Eat at least one fruit a day. I'm not nailing this one yet but I'm making a conscious effort to get some fruit in. I love veggies but fruits are a challenge for me.

#47 Donate old clothes. In progress. I've piled them all up and just need to take a trip to my local Salvation Army or thrift store.

#49 Discover more outdoor locations that are beautiful. My geology field trips help this goal tremendously. On the car ride back yesterday through the mountains I noticed a dam nestled between peaks. Today Noah and I drove the meandering mountain roads to get to this lake and it was gorgeous. More about this lovely adventure tomorrow!

#55 Find at least three new locations in the area that are fun. See above. The dam was beautiful and I'll definitely be taking a trip back there in the summer on a long weekend. It was lovely! Lots of hiking possibilities were there!

#63 Tutor or find a way to get involved in local schools.  I still want to contact the local school systems about possibly tutoring during the summer but this week I began volunteering at a local elementary school. I'm doing a mini-lesson next Wednesday in Science!

How have your goals been going? Are you still sticking with your New Years resolutions? Do you have your own 101 list? 

Are you adventurous? I'd love to hear stories!

And make sure to let me know your Reasons to Smile this week!


Dawn said...

Ambitious!!!! Good to hear it's going well.
Nope- never sent any goals...but trying to do things that are on my Bucket List:))
As many as I can- as quick as I can-so I can add more to it:)

Have a great new week!!

Kimbirdy said...

hooray for being adventurous!! i love having adventures, big & small. although, sometimes it can be pretty terrifying to take on an adventure. it's good when you have other people to share in the adventures, especially during those scary times. and on a random note, have you seen "splinterheads?" it's a cute indie film that has a lot of geocaching in it. it's on instant watch on netflix, you know, if you have some free time during your last college semester. :)

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