Little Wisdom Clip

08 March 2011

Just a quick update. The wisdom teeth removal went fine - way better than I was expecting! 

Noah has done an excellent job taking care of me today (know how awesome? He would remove bloody gauze from my mouth and put in new, clean pieces). That's love right there.

Things are moving along really well and I've had very little pain. How lucky! My sister was so nauseous afterwards that she got sick.... I had no problem. Although when my mouth was numb right after surgery and the nurse was talking to Noah I kept trying to sign to them.

Apparently, before Noah came back I was trying to sign to the nurse (since I was too numb to speak well) N-O-A-H. Of course, she didn't understand sign language so when that didn't work I muttered out what probably sounded like N-UHHHHH. She told him that the first thing I asked for was him.  

Noah was getting a little too much information at the time to be paying attention to my signing.... but my questions were probably silly anyways. 

The above photos are clips from "David after Dentist" on youtube. The kid was drugged up. Really funny! I was actually quite sane when I woke up. Amazing, what we can do now.

Talk to you tomorrow!

Hope you're enjoying solid foods - 24 hours after my last solid bite and I'm really missing it!


Café Chick said...

Glad to hear it all went well. You'll really appreciate solid food in a couple of days' time!

Kimbirdy said...

oh that's SO GOOD everything went so well!! my friend i picked up after wisdom teeth removal was quite silly on the drugs. she would say a random word then crack up laughing. i'm sure, at the time, it made sense to her, but i just chalked it up to being drugged. it was pretty funny. i hope you heal quickly!

Red Boots said...

Glad to hear you're on the mend, and the surgery went well! I've not had my wisdom teeth out (I've only got the one, the other three have decided not to show) but am dreading the day the other three decide to show up - my mouth is pretty cramped as it is!!

Good to hear you're in good hands - Noah sounds like a keeper!


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