Morning at the Market

12 March 2011

Noah and I went to the local farm market this morning for the first time in months! Every Saturday morning when I traveled away on field trips I was missing the market.  I love all the home grown plants and homemade candles, soaps, knits, etc.  It's lovely and such a community feel. We actually have a coaster set from the market (like the ones pictured above) that feature pictures from the same farm at different seasons throughout the year. 

I also have a candle in our bathroom and gifted one to my sister last Christmas (the makers press the flowers themselves and make the candles - beautiful decorations). 

This is that delicious honey I've mentioned before.  The vendor wasn't around while we walked through though so maybe I'll pick up some more Orange Blossom Honey next Saturday. 

These pansies were beautiful - I'd love to have a garden to plant these lovelies in. 

Today had some great reasons to smile:
- visiting the farm market
- getting some productive studying in at Starbucks today
- using my Gold Member status to get free iced tea refills
- planning potlucks and game nights for the semester
- being nearly healed up in the wisdom tooth department
- caught up with my sister today and will be talking with my Little tonight

Well, I'm off to Skype one of my girlfriends to ask about her break. Have a wonderful Saturday evening!


Dawn said...

My favorite...Saturday morning markets!!!!
Although...your's is selling flowers now. Mine would be selling snow cones;)))

Ashley said...

ahhhhh i need to find a market around here! that sounds SO fun!

Ashley said...

Our Farmer's Market is very seasonal in OK. It doesn't start until May and ends in October. Sad, sad. :( I LOVE fresh honey though! Now I can't wait to get some! Joel can't have it until he's 1+ but I can't wait for him to get to try it later. Mmm!

Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking said...

Oh I love going to the Farmers Market! That honey looks awesome!!

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