Rainy Days

31 March 2011

Today was another library day for me but that's good. When I get an over-achiever-award pile of work done in the day I feel pretty good about relaxing at night.  

It's been downright rainy and cold here and I'm no fan! We were teased with a bit of summer and now I have to wait until next week for the 60s. Ah well. The photo above is what it looks like when it isn't raining. Plus, I have a thing for guys playing guitars and singing. Isn't there something dreamy about a guy singing to you? Ironically, out of the ~15 instruments Noah has learned as a music major guitar is not one of them, however I doubt he would sing if he could play anyways. 

Tomorrow a friend from high school and his girlfriend are coming to stay. They're in a music fraternity and their conference is at our university. It'll be nice to see them again. I feel like I've lost a few friends this year due to lack of time (and on some of their parts lack of effort). It always makes me sad to feel like I've lost some friends although I know it happens. On the bright side, I've gotten very close with a few friends and have made a few new girlfriends. Silver and Gold? I think so. 

So, to end Thursday night, I'm eating Air Heads and drinking a slushee from the 7-11 that's a minute walk from our apartment. Yes, I'm a glutton and I'm loving it right now! 

Have a fantastic Friday all!



Ashley said...

I LOVE AIRHEADS! Booo on the rain... Come to AZ its 95... haha... This summer is gonna be KILLER!

The Many Colours of Happiness said...

I know what you mean about guys with guitars. Congrats on getting some work done, that feeling is VERY unfamiliar to me :p Have a lovely Friday!

Dawn said...

I once had a guy play and sing for me on his guitar. I have to say it wasn't so dreamy. ;))

Love the rain because it isn't snow:)
Yay for slushees!

Kimbirdy said...

woah, airheads are such a blast from the past! :) you're almost done with undergrad, which means it's the busiest time and everyone expects that. it's so great, though, that you're finding ways to take breaks and relax. some people don't do that, and get incredibly burned out at the point when they need the most energy. and i totally agree about guitar-playing boys. i always dated musicians, and i tend to get far more excited about musicians than actors when i spot them out and about in LA. i'm not sure what it is, just a guy who can make music will surely make me swoon!

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