Reasons to Smile

21 March 2011

Hello lovelies! How was your weekend?

My weekend was relaxing overall which was lovely. This morning I woke up at 7:30 after dreaming about missing registration for my graduate school classes. Probably a good thing I did wake up because my registration was at 8am and my alarm was set for 9am. Sometimes, things just work out!

After finishing my course registration I made some coffee and was catching up on blog reading when I decided to add Circle K events to my icalendar after our board meeting last night. As I began adding dates I looked at todays little square in the montage of dates and realized I had recorded "No 377 Class" for today. What? Our professor only mentioned it once, but my trusty computer saved me again! 

So, now I sit, making lists of what needs to be accomplished today. You know what the first item to check off is? Make a list of reasons to smile.

And here they are!
  • Plentiful time to get ahead on work with my classes canceled.
  • A great new board is taking over the volunteer organization this month, they'll be amazing!
  • The weather is getting warmer almost every day.
  • I graduate in just over a month!
  • Enjoyed some delicious carrot cake AND made it to the gym

What are your reasons to smile today?


Ashley said...

Cake and gym sounds like the best of combos to me! Glad you got everything done!

Dawn said...

Glad you woke up in time;))

Hmmm...reasons to smile today?
Hmmmmmmmm....well...guess I could smile because I haven't put my x-country skis away yet. And we just got a foot more of snow. And it's still snowing....
blah. I'm trying....

Kimbirdy said...

such beautiful reasons to smile! you're almost done with undergrad - woohoo!! and i think you should definitely do a post on focusing on the positives. how great would it be if we all did that from time to time?! it's going so well, that i think i'm going to keep it a periodic "good deeds" posting. we can always use a reminder for positive thinking right?

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