Reasons to Smile

23 March 2011

Since it is currently 9pm and I have yet to read my chapter and write my paper for my Hinduism course I should probably keep this post short so there is no Wedding Wednesday post today.

However, with only a month left until graduation I'm beginning to feel a good amount of stress so I thought I'd list some more reasons to smile today.

Reasons to Smile:
  • We got new counters in today! They are so much prettier than our old ones.
  • The NSTA meeting went well this evening.
  • Free slices of pizza were received.
  • I still have time to write my paper.
  • My no-biting-my-nails mission is going well.
  • Have had a good amount of much-needed girl time this week. LOVE it.

{my roomies}


Dawn said...

Love your reasons to smile...especially the new counters....and of course the pizza:)


Ashley said...

I love your counters! They look great! :)
...And now I'm craving pizza!

Kimbirdy said...

girl time, yay! i got some of that last night and it was definitely needed.

The Many Colours of Happiness said...

I like your reasons to smile :) Good luck with the no nail-biting!

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