19 March 2011

{My sister was this cute as a baby....I was not. So I thought I'd use these twins instead.}

Yesterday afternoon my sister stopped by the apartment to tell me about her graduate school interviews. She is applying to several Masters programs that would give her a leg up into the world as a school psychologist. 

She applied to be at our alma mater for graduate school, as I have, but I suspect she'll end up in the Washington, DC area and follow her long-term boyfriend. It made me realize that I don't see her enough while we're physically close now and that I'll be missing her in a matter of months. I don't have much family left and she's the only family connection I have at many times. 

While talking to her yesterday I realized how truly beautiful she is and how much she has grown as a person over the years. She doesn't look like a girl, she looks like a woman and I guess it just surprised me yesterday. How much time has passed and how much we've both grown... She's very passionate about psychology and understanding people and she does incredible amounts of volunteer work (this semester alone she's doing 40 hours outside of Circle K).  And, by pure relation, she's the person who best understands my feelings about our mom and dad. When we were younger we fought fairly often and felt compared a lot, but now that we're older I feel so grateful to have her as my sister in life. 

{My sister and I just before Christmas this year.}

Do you have any siblings? Do you see them often and get along well?


Erin {pughs' news} said...

My sister and I are very close. We had a few issues during our teen years (she's 2 1/2 years younger than me, and she came to my prom!!! Ooh, I was mad...) but we are the best of friends now. She has two boys about the same age as my two, so it's wild and crazy when we get them all together. I'd like to see her more often, but our schedules are pretty crazy, and she lives about 45 min away. We do our best though, and see each other at least once a month, sometimes more often.

My brother is 6 years younger than me. He lives about 10 minutes away, so I see him regularly, but we have nothing at all in common!

Ashley said...

My sisters are 12 and 8, so I hope one day we can be closer when we can relate better.

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