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14 March 2011

Ok, I was ogling pictures of hand holding on WeHeartIt this morning and started thinking about what an amazing job Noah did last week when I had my wisdom teeth taken out at 21.  He did everything a gal could dream of asking for. Beyond changing out my gauze every half an hour, setting up my meds, and helping prepare salt washes to keep me healthy he also prepared every meal, did the dishes, drove me around town while I wasn't allowed to drive, and gave me plenty of pillows, blankets, and smoothies.

He was amazing. Pure and simple.

Then I got to thinking on Saturday morning about how I often daydream of these fancy, whimsical dates that Noah could take me on and I realized that I really don't do enough for Noah. I do think it's a little harder to plan for guys sometimes. Noah's amazing but he's different from me in that doesn't appreciate emotions expressed through actions quite as much as I do (he'll fully admit to that) so I have a hard time coming up with plans.

So, I'm looking for little ideas to incorporate through our days that are memorable, fun, and cheap (playing the college student card here). Plus, any bigger date suggestions are welcome!

These are my suggestions and ideas right now:

  • While out at dinner write little love notes to each other on the napkins (or play hangman and tic tac toe!)
  • Give him a card (Noah loves funny cards. You could even DIY! Make up a little pun and write it out on a card with little illustrations beside it.)
  • Take a mini-vacation.  Any scale. Go for a day trip or just surprise him by stopping to by an ice cream cone while getting groceries.
  • Invest in a gift mailbox. Decorate a shoebox or a similar item and periodically leave gifts in there for your man!  Maybe a little box of chocolates for him?
  • Full Body Massage. I'm spoiled, I admit it. Noah gives massages all the time and I really don't return the favor enough! After a long day, nothing's better than relaxing and enjoying time together.
  • Sneak Hugs. When your guy isn't looking run up behind him and give him a sneak hug!
  • Wallet Photos. Take funny pictures of the two of you together. When he isn't looking, slip them into his wallet for him to find!
  • Be a Hostess. Pick a night to surprise him with his favorite foods at dinner. Insist on being the perfect hostess and setting the table with candles and flowers and do the dishes afterwards!
  • Have a friend or co-worker drop off a package for him while you're not around. He'll never suspect it!
  • Leave sticky notes around the house for him to find. Maybe the bathroom mirror, in a cupboard, or on his favorite coffee mug.

It's important to remember your other half and to treat him with the love and respect he treats you with. I know I have a weakness about thinking of myself a little too much and I hope to continue to be conscious of my efforts with Noah. Don't let time dampen your romantic spirit! I know we have a hard time after six years finding new activities to do together and I'd love to hear from some couples that have more experience than we do!

Happy Monday and share your romance ideas here!


Morgan said...

these are such good ideas!
i write notes on post-its and leave them in random places at my boyfriend's place. (socks, shoes, shirt pockets, nothing is safe!)
it's fun for us since we live states away from each other
i especially like the massage, i'm spoiled too and never return the favor enough

Ashley said...

Agreed! All your ideas are really great! I think a full body massage is a great idea - that's something I do for Josh. Also little things like letting him watch the show you think is boring and rub his feet, let him sleep in one day while you cook breakfast and do the cleaning, pack his lunch and include a love note, I think men really appreciate little things. :)

The Many Colours of Happiness said...

I love your ideas!! I have the same problem, I can never think of things to do for Joel. I will definitely be trying most of the things on your list!
Thank for for reminding me how important those sweet little gestures are :)

Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

Such cute ideas!

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