Wedding Wednesday: Destination

16 March 2011

Noah and I discussed some wedding possibilities in a serious manner for the first time this weekend. I think I have my bridal party set (I never really thought about the difficulties of picking women in my life who mean a lot to me, there are friends I've known for a long time and some that I just met and clicked with instantly). It's a lot of fun to think about but can be hard to find a balance.

We also talked about possible localities for the ceremony and one that popped up this time was a destination wedding in, wait for it....... the Outer Banks. 

As we'll be fresh graduates from grad school we'll be very low on money and we haven't talked to parents about any budget issues yet (yeah, needs to be done). I've been looking up packages/caterers/photographers and the like for the past couple of days just to see what's available down South and I'll admit that I like what I'm seeing. 

There's a site that's been helpful in finding tools, the Outer Banks Wedding Association, and it has photos from weddings in 2010, a list of vendors, and a magazine with suggestions and tons of photos.

TheKnot has also been an invaluable tool in finding reception, ceremony, and decor ideas. I've found myself dreaming about weddings this week, too bad planning them is a bit trickier than just thinking of them and the possibilities. 

Would you consider a beach wedding? I like the casual atmosphere (no shoes! outdoors!) but Noah can still have his traditional wedding. It seems like a good combo for us. We'll see!

Sorry today is a little picture heavy, but I love the colors and brightness of beach weddings! Don't you?

What do you think about destination weddings? Have you been to one?

Any ideas about how to get guests there? We also probably need to limit the guest list because we have a lot of mutual friends, especially through the church I grew up in, and while it'd be nice to have them at the wedding I think I prefer a smaller family and close friends type of wedding. 


bethany said...

Oh, I love your idea of a destination wedding! Although we're not engaged yet, Gabriel and I have talked about this A LOT. Since he's from CA and I'm from WI, we've decided that when we get married, we have to accept the fact that getting everyone there will be a HUGE issue. Whether it's in sunny CA or friendly WI, it means 20+ people from one family have to get on a plane and spend their time intransit to our wedding. I wish I had an answer! We've decided that either way we go, we're going to build a little bit into the budget to ensure that our very, very closest family and friends get there, but we're not sure how to handle everyone else. For now, I've allowed myself to push that off until I get engaged. :)

Can't wait to see your wedding plans unfold! These photos are so lovely. And I believe a beach wedding is an incredible idea. It allows you to have a traditional ceremony, but a really relaxed environment. You'll make such a beautiful bride! :)

Ashley said...

I love the idea of destination weddings! Josh and I wanted one more than anything, but my parents wanted to pay for it and felt if it was destination they'd be obligated to at least pay for my family and my Grandparents to fly out to the destination as well as the bridal party and that was too much money. I wish it would have happened! We wanted to do it in California which is were Josh's Grandparents live (they can't travel), but we ended up having a Church wedding in Oklahoma. My suggestion on travel would be to encourage people to ride together and caravan (if a lot of your friends are friends that wouldn't be too awkward) and to see if you can get a discounted group rate for a hotel. And of course a small guest list. :) So fun to see you planning!

Kimbirdy said...

we thought about a beach wedding. i think they're so beautiful! and it's really easy to set up some chairs or blankets and just have a ceremony, vs. the hubbub of a church wedding. i mean, the world has already provided the beautiful decorations and scenery! plus, if you find a beach that is a part of a state park, then all you have to do is pay for a permit to hold an event instead of all the CRAZY prices of an official wedding venue. we learned that as soon as you say "wedding" everyone jacks their prices up by hundreds & thousands of dollars. so we were going to get a permit for a "family reunion." :)

The Many Colours of Happiness said...

I can't wait to hear what you decide on! We thought about a beach wedding, they always look so lovely. :)

Dawn said...

Beach wedding? YES!
I would do it in a heart beat:)
Let me know what beach though...;))
Love the starfishes:))

Brooke said...

I actually always wanted a beach wedding. We live like 3 or 4 hours from the beach, but we don't have enough money for that. I say you should go for it!!

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