The Caverns

25 April 2011

Hello Monday Morning!

Hope you all had a lovely weekend and time to relax. Noah and I remained quite busy but every bit of it was filled with fun. As a little summary:
-sustainability summit
-movie with the family
-sunrise service
-lunch on Easter

It was the perfect amount of business!

These photos are from Friday when I explored a commercial cave with fellow geology students. I still strongly suggest going if you have a chance!

Giveaway winner is Ashley Taylor from a The Tales of Two Taylors! Ashely, stop by and give me your address!

What weekend adventures did you have?


kimbirdy said...

how fun! when i lived in TN we would go spelunking all the time. there were all sorts of hidden caves all over the appalachian states. i loved it!

glad you had such a great weekend, and happy anniversary!!

Ashley said...

Sa-weet! So excited to hear I won. :)

Can you reply to this comment via e-mail and I'll send you the address?

Also, glad you had a good weekend! Those caves look super cool - especially for little boys!

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