Dreaming of Beaches

28 April 2011


Aren't they sweet? A beach wedding is still a consideration.... Any planning will have to wait at least a week though. I guess I'm just in fantasy mode right now!

Good news: my biggest project is over. I'm so glad! My partner and I finished yesterday and it's not due until Friday. Yep, we're that amazing (truly, we've spent roughly sixty hours on this project not including field trips). Plus I'm on page 19 of my (20 page) Hinduism paper and it will be done this morning! 

Today I'm meeting with my professor to finalize presentation ideas for tomorrow's seminar and I'm taking my philosophy final.  Not bad.

Tomorrow is a big deal with Senior Seminar (Research Symposium). I'm only talking for 15 minutes but I'm already nervous!

In other news, I'm a redhead again. I missed it.

Left is close to my natural color (it may look a little blonder because the sunlight was right on it, but it's more a light brown).  Right is the current me. Ah, I needed a change and that pop of color! 

*Want to know something about me? I have, for all practical purposes, no eyebrows. Yeah, see that pic on the right? Just after a shower, literally they're so blonde! Thought I'd share with you all one of those self conscious things. I don't have to pluck but I do have to color. How's that for a little secret?*



Will you daydream about being at the beach and playing with fun balloons with me?  My dreamy beach vacation will be in August as always so I must wait another couple of months, but it does sound right perfect just now!


Ashley said...

We go to the beach in Cali in 23 days... I'll think of you at the ocean! :)

The red looks great! I think I saw on Twitter you were doing it (?) and I was excited to see. And in response to your confession on something about yourself I will tell you something about me... every since I got pregnant with Joel, I have grown a beard. And I have black hair so it's a black beard and it's awful. SO, sometimes it's nice to have light hair. ;) In the meantime, I'll just keep waxing and shaving 'ole beardy away! lol.

Morgan said...

redheads rock!
i'm not a red head, but i used to dye my hair red ALL THE TIME
and i miss it too!

kimbirdy said...

beach weddings always look so dreamy in photos! i considered it. the california coast is so gorgeous, but it's also ridiculously unpredictable. extreme wind, cold & fog can roll in at any moment year round, and i wanted our wedding to be comfortable for all involved. but the east coast is different. it could be so fun!

hooray for a hair change! and for being done with your huge project!

The Many Colours of Happiness said...

That photo is lovely :) I can't wait to see what you decide to do for your wedding!! Sounds like you are really keeping on top of things, congrats! And your talk will be great :)
I love the red, it's so bright and fun!! And I have no eyebrows either..and I am a natural brunette!

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