Dreaming of the Beach and Summer

19 April 2011

There are eighteen days until graduation and I'm feeling rather excited! All that's on my mind right now is spring, travel, and career paths. 

We're getting a mix of warm weather and hard rain here and I'll take it! This was the first year that I remember being so tired of winter. I could move a bit further south after college I think (but Noah would never.....). Right now some of those beaches a tad to the east of us are sounding amazing. I'd love to go on a car ride with some friends to lay out on the sand at the end and bask in the sun. And then quickly put sunscreen on and jump in the water because I'd be a lobster if I ever tried to tan! 

It seems like everything is leading up to graduation but I'm not sure what I'm going to do afterwards. I only have one week before grad classes start so that's not much time. Certainly it's too late to make reservations anywhere. The majority of my summer classes end around June 20 but the last one finishes in early July. It'd be nice to try getting to Charleston this summer. There is a chink in the planning system in that Noah applied for a counselor job in Michigan at a music camp which would be wonderful for him. However, he hasn't heard back yet and that means I don't want to plan something for us if he won't be here and I don't want to make it a girls only weekend if he can go.... Maybe I'm just itching to get out and that's all it is.

I'd still like to be sure of what I want to do. There's one thing about the education program that I really don't like. There is no student teaching experience until your last semester at graduate school. Sure I've done practicum, which was great, but I wasn't the head teacher so I'm sure it will be very different. I won't know until I do it, but I'm already getting a bit afraid about boxing myself in.

I think a week at the beach would cure this. Each day I'm drifting off thinking of sunshine then immediately pulled back by the hefty workloads. Ah, beaches.

 Do you have a favorite beach?


Ashley said...

We're headed to the beach at the end of May to visit Josh's Grandparents! They live in California and Oceanside is just a one hour drive from their house. I'm so excited to take Joel to the ocean for the first time! :) I do hope you get to take your vacation!

The Many Colours of Happiness said...

I hope you get to take a few beach trips this summer!!

that's so strange, we have to do at least three 3 week prac where we run the class, before we go into internship. If you liked your previous prac, running the class is even better :)

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