Reasons to Smile

20 April 2011

Reasons to Smile:
  • There's a giveaway
  • That geologic history is almost done
  • Tonight I'm going out with the Circle K President from my board year
  • Earth Science t-shirts should be coming in soon (that means tie-dye party!)
  • These Camera Lens Mugs are on my wishlist for graduation. Love em.
  • Graduation is roughly 17 days away
  • My geology partner made me snickerdoodle cookies
  • Today my bike tires will be inflated to ride to campus in the beautiful weather

Yep, things are looking good and this semester I've done a spectacular job of staying on top of my work so these last couple of weeks (while a little stressful) are not too bad!


kimbirdy said...

woohoo, you're almost to your graduation!!! that is definitely something to be happy about.

Erin {pughs' news} said...

Yum, I love snickerdoodles!

17 days until you graduate? So exciting!

Haley K said...

camera lense mug = pure awesomeness :) I hope you get it!!

And yay for tiedieing shirts!! I know there are lots of'll have to share how you guys do it :)

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