Reasons to Smile

26 April 2011

There are a lot of good things going on around here.

I'd love to take part in everything and see a lot of friends before I graduate.

But everyone is getting really busy these last two weeks of school.

That's ok though. Noah and I are both really busy too.

We need to make some priorities!

But I still need to remember my reasons to smile:

- Two more weeks of undergrad
- There was a small thunderstorm last night
- We got a new stove and microwave yesterday
- Glee is on tonight (I hope it's a new episode)
- Most of my work will be done this week so next week should be a breeze
- I received a free Starbucks petites card in the mail (I love free things!)

Hope you have a lot of reasons to smile as well!


Morgan said...

there were storms here too last night!
slept like a baby!

hicieud said...

enjoy Allie.... have a wonderful time!

Cheryl said...

allie, this is such a fun time, with more exciting times ahead of you~ have a wonderful time!!

kimbirdy said...

oh man, enjoy these last couple weeks of undergrad! you've worked so hard, you deserve to celebrate. :) also, i miss thunderstorms so much!

Ashley said...

So exciting it's just a few weeks left! GOOOOOD luck! I also love the pic of the strawberry shortcake looking dessert. Yummmm!

Erin {pughs' news} said...

It is a new episode, and it's 90 minutes long!

Enjoy these last two weeks!

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