Sunday 101

17 April 2011

It's already time for another 101 post? Wow, where did time go this week? First off, I'm so happy to actually have a weekend! It's been great and relaxing although I just have got to get back on the work train. There are three weeks left of solid work! 

16. Eat at least one new food a week. I ate a new Indian dish at my friend's place this week. It was very good and I'll probably be looking for my own recipe soon.

44. Eat one fruit a day. Not quite there yet but I am consciously getting more fruit into my diet. Today alone I've had canelope, honeydew, and strawberries.

68. Plan meals in advance. I'm not planning overly far in advance, but I think throughout the week about what I'd like to try. Noah and I have been doing much better lately about sticking to our grocery lists instead of listening to our tummies!

69. Cook at least two meals a week.  This week I made eggplant parmesan and Noah and I made a little meal together with salad, mini quiches, and veggies too. It was quite good! 

Caesar Salad

Mini Quiches

Today, Noah's mom came to town and took my sister and I out to go shopping for graduation. I couldn't believe it! My dad never buys us clothing. I'm very grateful to have college paid for; I have a lot of friends who don't have that luxury. Sometimes though I do have girlfriends who talk about everything they do with their moms. I know if my mom was here she'd take us out to get a dress, but she's not and that won't change. Fortunately, my sister and I have supportive friends and "second families" around us.

Noah's mom took us to get shoes and dresses for the occasion and, if I can say so myself, we looked amazing! I've never in my life had a dress I was so proud of our shoes that were so bold. Mine are the red ones in the picture below (sorry it's small, but it's from her camera). 

I felt simultaneously flabbergasted that she was willing to spend money on us while being so incredibly thankful. It made for lots of semi-embarrassing moments when I would gasp at prices or blush at compliments. It was a lovely afternoon though and I may actually feel ready to graduate! I have a gorgeous dress, a group of people ready to cheer for me when I get my diploma, and my robes are hanging on my closet door. 

{New red heels from today's shopping}

I hope you've had a lovely weekend! Enjoy yourself today!


The Many Colours of Happiness said...

Aww wonderful!! That was so sweet of her :) And the shoes are lovely!
Your food goals are great too, I've been trying to do that as well but am failing miserably!

theglasslantern said...

I love the shoes - and the new photo- it's great and made me smile. The Glass Lantern

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