Three Days

27 April 2011

Aww! Isn't that little pug dog adorable?! 

For some reason this morning, despite everything that should be going on in my head, I'm thinking about weddings. I hope when we get to the summertime that Noah and I can make some more decisions. Yes, I did pick the above picture simply because there was a pug in it.

I love pugs and think they're hilarious.

Did you know that?

Warning: Be prepared for research/symposium worries! You can skip down about three paragraphs if you'd like to get to the good stuff.

{one of my experiences with liquid nitrogen while "doing research"}

I'm getting stressed about my workload this week. It's Wednesday morning at 7:35am. I'll be leaving my apartment in a matter of minutes to head to a library and bang out some central points for my senior symposium presentation on Friday morning. That's my biggest stressor. I've been doing research since, well, December... of 2009 (see point 6), and you'd think that would give me something to talk about. Not really. 

My project centers around education and incorporating research into a classroom setting. While my project is very likely fine, I keep talking to other geology and earth science majors and their projects seem so.... science-filled. I feel like I didn't answer a question while doing research (despite technically being published, presenting at a conference, and doing work for a year and a half). I learned a lot but I just feel like it wouldn't be interesting to present to other people and a lot of it is related to grunt work.

You know what I mean? Sometimes you'd be fine on your own but you get worried when you see what other people are doing?

You know what though? It's in two days. Literally the presentation happens about 50 hours from now. 


Anywho, there are three days left of this crazy week before I go home for the Apple Blossom Festival! I'm excited. Of course my big hometown festival happens right before finals week. That's ok. Compared to this week finals week should be a breeze! Really, there's only about three tests - no big deal right? (I'm so completely serious right now, compared to projects/20p papers tests are easy smeazy). 

I'm ready to celebrate and enjoy my full week off before grad school starts!

Sorry for the long post! On another note, aren't those Reese Graduation Pops just super cute? I think I MUST try making them!


Googlover/keishua said...

Wow, a week between college and grad school...I hope you have rocking time.
Um, I hear you. I am sooo stressed about all the work I need to do to finish this year out. It's a little intimidating. It'll get done, though.

Amanda said...

Hard working girl here! School's almost over though, right?

I know exactly what you mean about the research project--you think you have a killer plan and then you hear that no one else is doing the project in the way you are. Then you start doubting how you interpreted the project. I totally felt like that with an assignment I had just recently, but a quick email conversation with my instructor calmed my worried thoughts :)

kimbirdy said...

okay, lots of thoughts. :)
1. pugs are hilarious! our neighbors rescue pugs and currently have two. they grunt and pant and are so funny!
2. definitely don't compare yourself to others in your class. the honest truth is, as long as your presentation lets you pass the class & graduate, everything will be fine. that's all that matters in the grand scheme of things. you're already accepted in grad school. plus, when it comes to combining education and science in the real world, you need it to be more accessible so other teachers, parents, & admin can understand it.
3. yes! those reese's graduation pops are adorable!!

Mary ♥ Mur said...

Very nice post.)) i love it.))♥

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