22 May 2011

It's been a very good weekend! Noah and I went to our hometown on Friday evening and enjoyed a home-cooked meal with lots of family. We sat by a fire pit for a good while after and just talked. 

On Saturday morning I was able to see my aunt and uncle (I love them) and we were able to relax in their country home up in the mountains. 

Then we met Noah's parents in town and they bought me the above planters and soil. I've been wanting to garden for a while but living in an apartment made that seemingly impossible. However, Noah asked the landlord if we could put planters on the ground and he approved! Noah bought me plants today as his birthday gift to me. I love it!

We also had a little party last night. We were able to see several friends, enjoy dinner, and read from some hilarious internet sites. I will say that I am sad sometimes having a summer birthday because many of my friends are gone from this college town during this time. One day I'll settle down somewhere and get year-round friends which will be fantastic. 

One of our friends made us a two layer funfetti cake! How sweet is that? 

Today my sister and I (along with our amazing men) went to see Bridesmaids and eat dinner out. We ate at the Boston Beanery and then Noah and I picked out the plants.

I've been spoiled with lots of great food this weekend. Noah even made pancakes. I love food and I love my friends. I'm so grateful I could see them this weekend. 

Now it's time to get back to homework.....on my birthday. 

That's ok because it's been a fantastic weekend. 

Hope yours has been amazing as well!  (and you can expect a post about this DIY pom pom soon too - so easy and cute!). 


Morgan said...

yum! all that food looks fantastic!
how was bridesmaids?!

Tiq said...

Happy birthday to you ! Looked like a fantastic birthday celebration with your friends around.

The Many Colours of Happiness said...

Happy birthday!!! It looks like so much fun :)

Erin {pughs' news} said...

Happy Birthday Alli! Too bad you have to do homework on your birthday... but at least it was on a Sunday and you didn't have to go to class! Looks like you had a really wonderful weekend- I'm so glad!

Here's to an amazing year ahead!

kimbirdy said...

oh happy {very belated} birthday!! i was just catching up on all the blogs i've missed over the past week to find that you had a birthday. i hope it was a great one {despite the homework}.

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