Geocaching: The Story

14 May 2011

After my post yesterday, someone asked me what geocaching is. Let me tell you! 

Geocaching is a sport, or game, that involves using a GPS device to find coordinates. 

People from all around the world find listed coordinates at and head out to find those locations called 'geocaches'. A geocache is often a hidden tubberware container, film canister, ammo box, or really anything that could fit a log inside of it. A log can be a book or a couple pieces of paper stapled together which finders sign. For example, every geocacher has a sign name (mine's Zoticus) and when you find the geocache location you sign the log to prove you were there.

However, some caches are easier than others. Today we were in a park, just like yesterday. But geocaches are everywhere. I mean it, they're everywhere. Check your local Walmart parking lot and let me know if there isn't one there in one of the light poles. Sometimes it can be tricky to not let passerbys see you grab the cache and sign the log. The point is to be a little sly while you're doing it. Generally geocachers don't go blatantly looking under everything in sight but rather try to be a little stealthy about it. Parks and wooded locations are of course easier than urban locations when you're trying not to be noticed.

In the above photo, can you find the cache?

It's a film canister inside of a hollowed out log! Now, this photo is zoomed in on the cache, but remember this is in the middle of a forested area in a city park. People don't just stumble across these locations so using a gps to find them is a lot of fun.

Here's another geocache location.  Pretty sure I trekked through poison ivy today to get this cache. I won't quit when I know I'm close though!

I bet you can guess where it is.

Yep, that's a key holder that is attached to a magnet which was screwed into the tree just under that mushroom. How cool is that?

Here Noah is holding the geocache out form the holder and you can see the log that geocachers are supposed to sign.

I like the geocaches in parks because there are always several (there are at least seven in this particular park). Type in your zip code on this site to see ones near you! I bet you'll be surprised how many there are!

Sometimes geocaches are easy (once you do it a couple of times you'll be dead tired of Light Pole Caches, aka LPCs in caching language). Yes, there are geocaches in your local parking lot.  Yet sometimes geocaches are really challenging: magnets on electric boxes that are disguised to look like register numbers, teeny fish bait holders, and even ones that are UNDERGROUND (see the bottom of this post for details on that amazing cache).

Above is an example of a geocache log. You can see it was folded many times in order to fit inside of a relatively small geocache. 

It's a great way to get outside and also provides opportunities to explore new places. Occasionally you'll meet fellow geocachers at the same location who just happened to look for the cache at the same time as you. 

I loved scavenger hunts as a kid and this is like the ultimate, worldwide, friendly scavenger hunt

If you get a chance, please type in your zip code on just to check out how many caches there are in your area. Even if you never go geocaching it's really cool at least to see how big this game truly is!

PS - If you have a smartphone you can geocache using your phone!


kimbirdy said...

i love geocaching. i mean, i have yet to go, but i love the idea of it. hooray for whoever thought it up.

Morgan said...

sounds like a lot of fun!
thanks for informing me :)!

Abby said...

This sounds really cool. Like treasure-hunting!

The Many Colours of Happiness said...

That looks so fun!! It sounds a lot like orienteering, I used to do that when I was little and just loved it!

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