07 May 2011

It's official, I'm a graduate student! Four years has flown by so quickly and this blog has been around for two of them. I wouldn't say I feel life-alteringly different since in one week I begin grad school, but with the official ceremonies and everything today I do feel like I'm no longer in undergraduate.

It was great to see so many family and friends today. Unfortunately half my family had to miss my graduation because they had to pick between going to mine and my twin sisters (yes, our graduations were at the same time).

Fortunately, mine finished in half as much time as hers so I was able to get over and see her graduate! These are all the pics I have of today because everyone else was taking the pictures. 

This is Tony. He's the only professor I have who I call by first name. He sparks curiosity in students and encourages students to ask questions (the more questions you ask, the less he'll ask you).  I think one thing I'd change if I could go back is that I would take more classes with him. 

Above is my head of department and a man who I consider to be my mentor. He's been leading me in research for nearly two years now. Since he's head of our department he was up on stage to shake hands with the graduates and I don't think I could stop smiling when I found out. I love all our faculty, truly, they're all amazing, but the majority of my undergraduate career has been spent with this professor.

{My sister at her graduation. I finished up mine and ran - or walked quickly in heels - over to hers.}

This was a great day and I'm so glad so many family and friends could be here to see it.

Thank you to all of my fellow bloggers who have been sending well wishes my way either on the blog or through twitter. I loved seeing your messages pop up throughout the day - you are all so sweet and have been a part of my life for the past two years. Thanks for your encouragement!


Morgan said...

that's awesome!
so great you got to see your sister's too!
congratulations again :)

Jessica said...

I had no idea you were a twin!! Luckily me and Jenn (my twin) graduated in the same location at the same time last year so all our family could see both of us graduate!
Hope you have/had a wonderful weekend celebrating!!

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