Hello Again

18 May 2011

Just one more day and I'll be catching up on your posts! 

I can't believe how busy these summer grad courses are keeping me. Wow! I may literally have an hour of free time a day. Well, I guess it's two hours because I choose to get up an hour earlier than necessary in the morning just to have some time before all the crazy.


Haha! It's alright, it's just busy.

I love my Technology in Education course and my professor for Behavior Management. We actually applauded for him at the end of a FOUR hour course from 5-9pm. Does that tell you something? 

Still, lots of Starbucks as was predicted. Not bad and my man has a job for the summer! 

One more thing, it's my birthday this weekend. Hello 22nd! (Turning 22 on the 22nd)

Hope you're all doing well and I can't wait to catch up with you all. 


Morgan said...

i can't wait until i 22 on 22!
but that's in two years and in January!

hope it goes well and glad life is looking smooth for now :)

Tiq said...

Oh Happy almost birthday !! Have the greatest time and enjoy !!

kimbirdy said...

oh a golden birthday! i hope you have a blast.

Amanda said...

Haha--oh Ted.
Happy Birthday on Sunday. Enjoy it my dear! :)

torie said...

Ooh man! That's an awesome golden birthday to have! I'm sorry that grad school is so insane. Just try to remember that it'll be all worth it. And hey, any excuse for Starbucks has at least a tiny silver lining, right?

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