iTouch and Lake

28 May 2011

Yesterday I caved and bought myself a new iPod Touch. So far I love it. 

You probably know that iphones and ipod touches use 'apps' and I've been doing research on apps with an educational purpose for my Technology in Education grad class. Now my first page on the iTouch is devoted to science apps. There are dinosaurs, interactive galaxies, periodic tables (already used this once with a purpose!), and SciSpy where kids are the scientists and take picture then try to identify the object scientifically. Those are just four of about twelve. 

Yes, I love science.

All the pictures on the blog today are from an app called "Instagram" which I've seen other bloggers use from their apple devices. All of these were taken at the future in-laws home in Virginia. They have some beautiful property. 

Speaking of beautiful property, later today we're going to their family Lake House to do a big clean up day. The entire family has joint ownership on this house and we all use it during the summer months so we're all doing our share to pitch in and make it shine. I'm looking forward to canoeing in the afternoon after all the work!

So, before I go for the day, I'd like to ask if you have an iPod Touch or an iPhone. ....AND.... if you do, are there any apps you think would be useful in a classroom (it doesn't have to be science classroom specific, any type of classroom works!).

Thank you.

ps - sorry my posting is so terrible lately. Monday-Thursday it's practically impossible then Friday we're usually traveling any more. Bear with me! In another three weeks it'll all be over!


bethany said...

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful photos! Although research papers are never fun, at least this one has an interesting topic! :) not have an iPhone. I know, I know...get with the times, right? I'm so hesitant and scared that I'll become even more addicted to the internet, facebook and such if I can access such things from my phone. BUT...Gabe just bought me an iPad, which he's giving to me in Paris. So, lookout, world...I'm about to be addicted!

Enjoy the lake looks SO beautiful!

Erin {pughs' news} said...

Just the words "Lake House" make me feel happy...

I don't have an iPhone. But if I did, I'd be on it all the time!

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