01 May 2011

I recently mentioned in passing that I find pugs to be hilarious. This is fact.

I used to think they were the ugliest dogs in the world but then I discovered a video that changed my views on them. You should know that after 11pm at night (sometimes as early as 10) my mood shifts. I can't focus on work any more and I get downright giggly. At some point this video cropped up, I don't even know where from. It was after 11, the video was poorly done, and I was ready for some hilarity. 


Since this video I've just found them over-the-top hilarious, borderline cute. Maybe it's just pity speaking but now whenever I see a pug I can't help but grin.

This weekend has been lovely and I'm in a great mood so while looking at photos of pugs on my tumblr feed I got the notion in my head that I should mimic a pug. 

So, here you have it.

I think my eyes need to poke out to either side a little bit more to be "pug-like" but, alas, I have eyes that look straight forward.

Yep, it's been a very positive, fun weekend.  I'll post pictures from the festival tomorrow morning! Hope you all had a lovely weekend and don't mind me self indulging in the pug department.


The Many Colours of Happiness said...

Hahaha I love it!!! I think pugs are adorable, they're so goofy!

Morgan said...

i love pugs because they snore all the time.
i know it's awful and because their airway is blocked...but it's so freakin' cute!

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