Travel, Blogs, and Summer - Oh My!

11 May 2011

Yesterday Noah and I took a trip to Charlottesville, VA for the day. We checked out the University of Virginia's campus, ate bagels from Bodo's Bagels (by suggestion of my Little), and walked the downtown Mall. 

Want to hear something sad though? My camera didn't work! It said my memory card had an error (which was REALLY frustrating because I took two random pictures before leaving the house just to make sure it worked because I've had this memory card error before. I was sad. I did bring Noah's flipcam with me though. So I got some video clips that you can see in the video below.

Also, Noah and I have been trying new recipes and such. He's also been making breakfast every morning lately.  Today he made french toast and strawberries with syrup. He's absolutely amazing making breakfast for the whole apartment. I realized that my tweet about him being a master at breakfast should have been clarified by saying vegetarian breakfast. We don't do the meats so if that's your deal we're probably not the right cooks for you! But hey, chocolate chip pancakes and strawberry french toast? What gal could say no to that treatment?  I've been posting some of the food/recipe posts here instead. It's a less personal blog but a quick place for me to find thoughts on books, food, etc.  Plus I may accidentally post from that account on some of your blogs so this way you'll know it's me.

This week has been amazing so far and every day has felt like Saturday. Of course, I've now received two emails from future professors saying I'll have reading and assignments due on the first day of class. Bummer! I knew it wouldn't last but it's been great while it did. I guess this means I should go buy those books.

I'll also have to finish up The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo on my Kindle so I don't get distracted from my class reading!

Summer has been great and here's why:
  • My fiance has been making delicious breakfast
  • We were able to take a short trip and explore a new city
  • I found a cute, new bathing suit (hello gym baby)
  • My roommates and I have started watching Firefly episodes
  • We've been cooking lots of healthy food 
  • I have a new book to read (see above paragraph)
  • I'm officially a grad student
  • There has been enough to keep me busy but still time to relax
Hope you're enjoying your days!


M. Flynn said...

I love Charlottesville! Rob and I are moving there in August. He's starting grad school at UVA. I'm glad you had fun! And a belated congratulations on your graduation xo

Erin {pughs' news} said...

Wish I could get my hubby to make breakfast! You're a lucky girl...

Keep on enjoying that summer!

kimbirdy said...

yay! sounds like an awesome time right now. i hope you can enjoy every single second of it before grad school starts.

Morgan said...

and the millennium trilogy was AWESOME.
i liked hornet's nest best :)

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